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  • Hi Linda, Let me educate you on VPNs use in China, of what I know China blocks a lot of VPN services, the great firewall is getting aggressive day by day so choose your VPN service after a lot of research, If you are looking forward to streaming co…
  • You can install Vizio SmartCast app on your Samsung and pair your TV with it, you will now be able to cast your favorite media on to your TV from your phone.
  • A VPN fast VPN which has wide range of servers, I can easily access US Netflix and stream videos without compromising on Bandwidth
  • Use a VPN , i am sure your aren't hearing this for the first time, so my recommendations, invest into a VPN that is paid service, keeps no logs, have military grade encryption, has internet kill switch feature, supports P2P Connections with fast ser…
  • A VPN is basically a virtual network which masks your original IP and encrypts your connection, and what ever goes through it. Mostly, it helps in P2P file sharing, which at time or some places is illegal, on the other hand it keeps you secure and …
  • if vizi tv has an android app that lets you pair the tv and the phone together or just go in to the casting option and see if it can find the nearby TV to cast