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  • Hi Leroy! What FrostWire version and what OS are you using?
  • Hi Bob. Right now we recommend using a VPN in order to protect your privacy.
  • Dear bob. Can you download our latest release? I think that the newest version of FrostWire will help you
  • hi. What OS and what FrostWire version are you using?
    in not downloading Comment by alexm June 23
  • Hello. The best way is to use an USB cable and the Android File Transfer app
    in New Member Comment by alexm June 8
  • Hi! Do you have the latest release of FrostWire? (Please download our latest release here: Go to Open > My Torrents and delete the torrents that you do not want to download. I am not sure if I understand the problem. Are you …
    in Sd card Comment by alexm June 4
  • Hi. Thank you for writing. Is that happening with all the files that you are trying to download, or only with a specific one?
    in music file Comment by alexm May 15
  • Hi! Thank you for writing. This error message will show quite often in some devices, especially after updating FrostWire. If you were saving your downloads within an SD card, 'Error moving incomplete' appears when the app cannot save the file to t…
  • Hi! Thank you for writing! Getting 0 progress for some files is pretty common if the files are not well seeded. We recommend to check this article:…
  • The torrent actually should end in two places inside your designated FrostWire/Torrents folder and internally inside the libttorrent folder, which is the .torrent the system uses. perhaps what's happening is that you delete the transfer and frostwi…
  • Hi David. We have three VPN services recommended here:
  • Hi. Are you downloading a torrent? Are there enough peers?
    in ***HELP*** Comment by alexm April 23
  • Thank you for your message! Right now I think that the best option is to use a VPN, so you can protect your privacy easily.
  • The reason is that when songs are coming from YouTube if we try to download only the audio the download is served almost in real time as slow as possible by YouTube, so FrostWire now downloads the Video file which is served as fast as possible, and …
    in Size of records Comment by alexm April 6
  • Please check this article carefully to understand better why some files could take so long to download and follow the suggestions to improve the issue specially If you try to get some files that never get progress:…
  • Hello! Can you send us a screenshot? Thanks!
    in Jumpy Screen Comment by alexm March 15
  • Hello! Are you using our latest release? What FrostWire version and what OS are you using?
  • It's very hard to tell with the given information. What kind of public network are you talking about? For example, if you are in a Public Library the Lbirary's firewall might block your downloads and searches, if you want to circumvent rules set b…
  • Hi there! You can use our VPN Offer. It works everywhere! Please try it and let us know if it was useful!
  • Thanks for reporting! We fixed it! Please try our latest release (6.6.3.b. 255).
    in VPN Comment by alexm March 1
  • NordVPN detection will be in next release of FrostWire!
    in VPN Comment by alexm February 28
  • Hi Steve! What FrostWire version are you using? What OS?
  • Thanks for letting us know, we haven't tested for NordVPN, we have only tested ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access. Perhaps you can help us test, first of all in what OS are you on?? ifou trust us you could send us credentials for NordVPN so we c…
    in VPN Comment by alexm February 24
  • Hi and thanks for your report, FrostWire is a safe application and you can be sure that if you are downloading from or automatically updating from the inside of the application, there is no Trojan viruses or other stuff that will …
  • Hi! Try a fresh installation from scratch to see if the problem gets solve: 1) Clear all files from the Transfer list and uninstall FrostWire from Control Panel as you would do it normally 2) Check the folder named 'FrostWire' has all your downlo…
  • Hi. Can you give us a little more information? What OS are you using? What FrostWire version? How many active downloads do you have?
  • Hello! FrostWire is not Java 9 compatible yet, your log shows it's trying to run with Java 9.
  • Hi, Tommie! I think it's a good idea to update your FrostWire app! Get it for free here:! Please let us know if after updating you can get results!
  • Hi, Sorry but we can only offer you support for old versions of FrostWire and your device runs iOS 10.6.8 which is not supported for FrostWire 6.6.1. Several sources has been updated because they changed their code, some torrent websites were shut…
  • Hi Stephen. I'm talking with FrostWire Support. Tomorrow I will give you an answer about this!