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Only A Hobo


Only A Hobo
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  • shukokai32

    Hi Only A Hobo,
    I have recently read your post on changing the gnutella file in frostwire 4 which i think you edited in 2016? It says "click on the above link for the file", but the link is not there??Any help with this is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. shukokai32.

    November 2017
    • gubatron
      even if you found the file, it'd be outdated by now. we no longer generate a file since we got rid of gnutella sometime around 2010~2012.
    • shukokai32
      Thanks for the info gubatron. Will keep scanning the web for a fix. If can't find nothing will have to upgrade to version 5 and get used to the new layout.
    • Only A Hobo
      Only A Hobo
      I used to maintain a current file as best I could, but after several attempts to find music in the Gnutella network, I found there was little there, and I concluded Gnutella has had its day. The network is still running, and you should be able to find a way to connect but there are better ways now to find material. What you find there will be not a great deal.