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Proxies and Privacy


When using a proxy, most clients offer the following options:

  • Anonymous mode
  • Require Encryption
  • Force Proxy

I can't see anything like that in the options, am I missing it, or is it the default with proxies?

Alternatively, maybe there is a plug in like the Deluge lt plug in to do that?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • Hi Bob. Right now we recommend using a VPN in order to protect your privacy.

  • Hi bob, FrostWire dev here.

    When we apply your proxy settings, it seems we're not passing any of those modes you mention, here's the code:

    SettingsPack settings = new SettingsPack();
            if (connectionMethod == ConnectionSettings.C_NO_PROXY) {
                settings.setInteger(settings_pack.int_types.proxy_type.swigValue(), settings_pack.proxy_type_t.none.swigValue());
            } else if (connectionMethod == ConnectionSettings.C_HTTP_PROXY) {
                settings.setInteger(settings_pack.int_types.proxy_type.swigValue(), settings_pack.proxy_type_t.http.swigValue());
            } else if (connectionMethod == ConnectionSettings.C_SOCKS4_PROXY) {
                settings.setInteger(settings_pack.int_types.proxy_type.swigValue(), settings_pack.proxy_type_t.socks4.swigValue());
            } else if (connectionMethod == ConnectionSettings.C_SOCKS5_PROXY) {
                settings.setInteger(settings_pack.int_types.proxy_type.swigValue(), settings_pack.proxy_type_t.socks5.swigValue());
            settings.setString(settings_pack.string_types.proxy_hostname.swigValue(), proxyHost);
            settings.setInteger(settings_pack.int_types.proxy_port.swigValue(), proxyPort);

    So, let me read what libtorrent is doing at the C++ layer, if it's doing anonymous mode, requiring encryption, forcing a proxy or something else.

  • I don't see much in the way of the options you mention when it comes to the proxy types in libtorrent's documentation

  • I just checked qBittorrent and uTorrent and I can't see any of what you mention @Bob4K

  • We pretty much have the same thing

  • Perhaps if you want an encrypted proxy you could try an HTTPS based proxy, I've not tried this myself though.

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