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not downloading

I have been having problems with items not downloading. They come up on the transfer page and then they just go to pause and when you resume they start to download then they pause again. Could anyone tell me why this is happening?


  • hi. What OS and what FrostWire version are you using?

  • window 7 ultimate the latest version

  • window 7 ulitmate the latest verion as of today

  • edited July 13

    please try our newest update, (released almost at midnight on July 12, EST time, an hour ago for me), we did address the TorrentDownloads/Transfers dissapearing issue.

    If the download dissapears it means it could not fetch the torrent or magnet, basically it times out.

    Sometimes it says that there's a bunch of peer and seeds on the preliminary search results, but these numbers might be off, this is the fault of the search source not updating these numbers after they've added the torrent to their index database.

    Once FrostWire is able to obtain the torrent (via HTTP or via Magnet as it will be in the case of TorrentDownloads going forward) you will see after a few seconds the actual number of peers and seeds for the torrent.

    If you're using FrostWire for android, magnet fetched torrents work best when you're on WiFi or on a 4G connection with IPv6 capabilities.

    If you do get the torrent and you see 0 peers, 0 seeds for a long time, most likely this was an old torrent and you'll just have to be patient until someone comes online, which is harder for long tail, old content.

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