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Size of records

Hello everyone,
I am using frostwire for a couple of years however since the last update the size of all songs is now showing in MB's. It used to be Always in KB's. Why is this and is it ok to download the songs in MBs. I';ve been told not yo do . Does someone have the right solution for me? Prob. something went wrong wih the last update? Thank you so much for your help.
Kind regards


  • The reason is that when songs are coming from YouTube if we try to download only the audio the download is served almost in real time as slow as possible by YouTube, so FrostWire now downloads the Video file which is served as fast as possible, and after it downloads the video it strips out the audio. In the end Audio downloads from YouTube will weight less in your disk, but they will take more bandwith to favor a faster experience, we believe time is the one thing we are all running out everyday and we don't want to make you wait for a download. We recommend you download audio youtube files when on WiFi to save bandwidth.

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