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CPU usage upto between 20%-30%



  • Hi. Can you give us a little more information? What OS are you using? What FrostWire version? How many active downloads do you have?

  • Hi, I am running windows 10 pro, frostwire 6.6.2, I don't have any active downloads.
    When I keep frostwire on, and since the last 4-5 days, I have noticed, after a little bit of keeping frostwire open, it starts using the cpu between 20% to 30%

  • if this cpu activity drops after a couple minutes, this might be FrostWire downloading and seeding the last update. Other than that it might be FrostWire checking existing downloads (even if they're stopped or seeding FrostWire needs to check the integrity of the files and it has to calculate a bunch of sha1 hashes for the pieces)

  • will investigate on my end without any transfers and see what I can find. Thanks for bringing this to our attention as the same library is used on android and we can't afford extra cpu cycles there as it can kill precious battery life.

  • Here, with FrostWire's window minimized, between 1.5% to 2.8% cpu, seeding 10 files

    If there's activity in the window (rendering) CPU can spike up to 20-30%

  • Hi gubatron,

    I have noticed, when I close and open frostwire it does not use 20%-30% cpu, but randomly, when i check in task manager sometimes, i can spot it using that much cpu.
    It is not doing it all the time.

    Like right now, it's not doing it.

  • Also I noticed, it's using 567mb or so memory. Is that normal?

  • But like right now it's not using the 20%-30% cpu, it's normal.

  • hmm the memory went down too now strange.

  • Okay like right now it's using 29% cpu
    I don't know what is going on with frostwire.

  • edited January 31

    it's most likely processing DHT queries, tracker queries, it's a p2p app.

    If you switch windows, move the window, it will use more CPU.
    Also every 1 second the entire user interface is refreshed to reflect any possible changes in the states of the app.

    As for the memory usage, that seems fine. Most of that memory is used by the Java Runtime Environment.

    This is how memory usage looks for me

    What CPU do you have? is it by any chance an Intel i5?

  • Yes gubatron, it's an intel i5

  • I think the i5 would explain why your CPU usage is a bit higher than mine.
    Still, I'm being watchful while coding and debugging to see what might be pegging the CPU

  • I randomly check frostwire's cpu usage in task manager, and sometimes it does show it's using 29% or so of cpu, and sometimes it's normal, 1% or whatever.

    Weird isn't it?

  • All I can say for now is that given you have an i5, the operating system probably queues up a bunch of operations between processes. By the time it switches to FrostWire, specially if you have the windows in focus, it does need to use some CPU.

    In the meantime, please hang in there as we're releasing an update with fixes in our bittorrent core that might help with the situation.

    Also I'd recommend clearing your Search Database cache to see if this helps.
    You can do so at:

    Tools > Options > Searching > Smart Search > Reset Smart Search Database

    And perhaps you want to turn off seeding altogether

  • @aq2012 I think I know what it might be.

    FrostWire periodically (every 20 seconds) checks if your connection is going through a VPN tunnel.

    The check is done to display the status on the bar at the bottom, to warn you if your connection is private or not.

    In windows this check can be a bit intensive, and this might be the reason why you see those CPU spikes.

    To test yourself, if this might be the reason, you could try to do the following.

    1. Turn of FrostWire.
    2. Manually do the VPN check your self with a script
    3. Monitor if your CPU spikes when you do these checks.

    FrostWire executes the following command, and then analyzes the output
    netstat -nr

  • I'm going to add a fix on which the VPN check does not occur if that VPN Status button is hidden, then we'll be able to test for sure if this is the issue you're facing.

  • Here's the fix, for our next build.

    Stay tuned for the update message @aq2012 :)

    Let's hope this is the issue.

  • Okay well it does it only sometimes, so I guess it's fine.

  • Also Mr gubatron, thanks for the detailed replies.

  • edited February 13

    @aq2012 no need to call me Mr. although I'm getting old...

    Here's the new installer, you're the first person to know about it besides me, so if you read this shortly, you might be the first person after me to install it in the whole wide world.

    When you run it, I want you to try the following:

    1. Make sure you are running the latest version (6.5.3 build 252) in Help > About

    2. Right click on any of the elements of the FrostWire bottom status bar, you will see a pop up menu

    3. Click to uncheck the "Show Connection Privacy Status" option.

    The VPN status icon should be gone.

    4. Monitor your CPU consumption, the CPU spikes should be gone if my theory is correct.

  • Okay I did what you said, I will let you know if I see the high cpu usage again or not.

  • It's still using high cpu, i am noticing it right now.

  • even without the VPN indicator on?

    Every how often do you notice the CPU usage?

    Are you seeding any transfers?

  • Yes,

    I notice it from time to time, when I run task manager, which would be around 3-4 times a day to check if the cpu usage is high

    I am not seeding any transfers no

  • This sucks gubatron, it's doing it a lot! :/

  • I checked right now, and it was showing the high cpu usage

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