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Downloads Stopped

I can't find anything for this on searches of the forum or in FAQs - my downloads keep going up to 100% but then are "stopped" instead of finished, so of course, just gone? I hope someone can help, it keeps happening most of the time now.


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  • Following is suggested info from a reply to my previous post - please let me know if you need the IP Address, I have no idea if that's safe to post, but can easily find it. I don't know what a VPN is, and no proxies are showing, just let me know if I need to find anything else.

    Operating system: Mac OS 10.6.8

    FrostWire Level Number: 5.6.6

    Virus Checker: none

    Fire Wall: OS included only

    Are you behind a router: I have a router

    Type of internet connection: Airport

    Problem Description: Downloads go to 100%, then are "stopped" instead of finished, and just don't show up outside FrostWire
  • I am wondering if perhaps you are moving parts of the download from the Frostwire library by dragging. I have found this will create an error and a stopped message, which did not happen with previous versions.

    Have you used explore to find the files and checked if they work? I have a feeling they should be OK

    Also are these downloads from a torrent tracker result or from soundcloud, archive, or Youtube?

    Please use "reply" to this post - makes life easier :)
  • I have had torrents hang, like that, and I finally came to the conclusion that I was getting bad pieces and needed to get the good copies.

    When that's the case, it depends on the swarm and who can deliver an uncorrupted piece. It took over two hours for one to finish AFTER it showed 100% I think it actually downloaded 4 or 5 K more than 100% to complete.

    Just let it be and hope it finishes and is NOT a bogus torrent seeded by some idiot to poison the swarm.
  • A thought Scott:

    If you select "do not share odd pieces of handpicked torrents"

    Might that cause this?
  • A thought Scott:

    If you select "do not share odd pieces of handpicked torrents"

    Might that cause this?
    I almost never do hand picked, so I don't have much experience with them, but that could contribute to the problem.
  • I didn't move any by dragging, and had it before the last update at least. Had the same idea about the files, but searching the computer for them seemed too ridiculous, unless it might help reveal the whole answer?

    They don't seem to be hanging, just say stopped instead of finished, at 100%, but won't play and don't show up in my library. The downloads seem fine and fast until then.

    I did select that on this update, but that's because I had too many pieces on the last one, which also did this - actually that's where it started. I'm not good at this, never really figured out the seeding and finishing a partial anyway, didn't seem to work. Otherwise just click the most obvious default & recommended on setup.

    Thanks so much guys, impressed with all the help. Is it possible for the person doing the sharing on the other side to cause this? I ask because it seemed related to genre (got a couple things I have more of fine), which I'm new to, so don't have much to share, but that's more likely a coincidence, especially as I got as many in the new genre, just not most overall lately.
  • All use of torrents will result in odd bits. I'm afraid it comes with the territory, and I have never opted to remove the odd bits as this affects the "seedability" of the torrents. I do have a feeling this may be what is happening - and using "explore" should take you straight to the files.

    I do not think the sharer could cause the problem. You will download from some seeds who have the entire torrent, and some peers who only have part of it, but once you have all you can get from the peers at one time, and there are no available seeds, the download will simply drop to zero speed until it can restart.
  • You mentioned that the torrent says stopped. Did you attempt to restart it? If you get a poison seed, it is possible for a torrent to stop. It should just disable that seed, but torrents can be a bit unpredictable. Sometimes stopping and restarting can cause a new peer list to generate.

    It sure can't hurt.
  • Okay, I've fixed it : ) That would be more fun to say if it wasn't mostly a case of me being the kind to read the directions last and try cussing at software. Basically trying to restart worked, only not because of that, just because I found the files, which were being misplaced because of my heroic efforts to get iTunes to make an mp3 CD (still haven't succeeded there). They were sent to a folder with a nsfw name I'd made.

    Still, you guys do seriously get the credit - if you weren't so cool with the help, and getting me to realize the whole thing is more complicated than I'd thought, I never would have tried or found it - really, I admit it, I just wouldn't. Only excuse is that I'm 50 (remember napster on Win '95), and am really trying to get more new music. So it's not only working okay but I have all that stuff I'd been downloading after all :D

    I'll definitely be pimping for this place (unlike iTunes of course).
  • Fantastic that you got it working! A restart never hurts and can often help! And do NOT go playing the age card!!! Not everyone here is a kid! I'm far closer to 70 than 60!

    I've never understood the fascination of iTunes. I've never encountered a more intransigent piece of software in my life. If you want to make an mp3 CD I think I have some instructions in my help pages. Just remember there are two formats, CDA and data. Data is really easy, but may not be compatible with some older CD players. DCA format is almost universal but has a much lower capacity and it more difficult to make, though once you've done it, it not that difficult.

    If you need help, don't hesitate to ask. Take some time, too, to read my help pages. There's a lot of good information there.
  • I'm glad you got it sorted!

    As a Mac user I am more of a fan of itunes - but not such a great fan of itunes 11 I do not add tunes automatically to iTunes. That causes nightmares for me but I add them manually - right click send to iTunes and that works well for me. iTunes burns nicely I find. I make a playlist of what I want to burn and right click > burn and choose the option I want - usually audio since we play CDs in the car.

    Glad to help a youngster lol and I still have a win 95 machine with napster on it --ahh the memories
  • Hello
    My name is stephen. I have a very serious issue with my frostwire on my pc.

    Im currently using windows, and im a huge fan of frostwire and have been using it for years. So obviously im familiar with how to use it even with all the updates. But for a long time now i have been experiencing and issue where downloading music is not only a huge chore. But a long painstaking one at that.

    Im a self proclaimed music junkie. And currently have downloaded over 9000 songs...using frostwire converting them over to itunes. But recently i have been experiencing an issue that when i click to download....even a single song frost wire freezes for a good 10-20 mins before it allows me to do anything again. I believe it might be due to the fact that i have 100s maybe even thousands of songs still seeding. And frostwire cannot handle it... so im asking if theres anyway to solve this issue....i have recently tried deleting my library in frost wire thinking maybe that would help thinking the issue was that. But then when i went too itunes i realized none of my music in itunes that i downloaded could be played i wanna know if there is a possible fix to this issue since i used to be a big time user of frostwire downloading around 200-300 songs in one sitting... now im lucky if i can download 5 within an hour. Please please please help!
  • Hi Stephen. I'm talking with FrostWire Support. Tomorrow I will give you an answer about this!

  • @Stevieg1024 did you try the latest version of FrostWIre?
    We just released a new one last thursday

    Please try that one but instead of launching it with the regular executable icon, go into your Start menu, then look for the FrostWire folder and inside you should see a "Safe Mode Launcher"

    This will launch FrostWire with a console window behind it.

    Try running it like that and copy and paste any error messages you might see there.

    If you think seeding too many files is causing trouble, try turning off Seeding altogether and see how it behaves.

    Also remember downloading speeds depend a lot on network conditions, specially if the files you are trying to download are coming from the Bittorrent network and there's nobody sharing at that particular moment in time.


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