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Download issue

edited March 2016 in Open Discussion
I c
Downloaded the 5th wave on my phone. I was able to watch most of the movie in my video player, Google photos, vlc, and every other video plaer I have. I always make sure it works. However after the download was complete I could no longer watch the video. On any video player. So I can't fight it out I've done this on multiple 5th wave downloads. But why would It let me watch the movie while downloading but says it is unsupported after completion


  • Did you try to open it from the Original Download folder.?
    Vlc should of played it.

    Or you can open VLC media player and find the movie to play. see if that works

  • Maybe you cant download it properly you do some mistake otherwise it can play on VLC. You have to try one think hope it works use format factory and convert into MP4 and then try it. If it still can't play then maybe your downloading issue.

  • Update 2017 . I use to use vlc back in the day but now it’s seems to be very buggy . Lots of updates . I would prefer media player classic . It’s now available on Android plays alot smoother and plays movie formats better than vlc

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