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Frostwire Freezes when torrents are loading

Today I downloaded 6.4.9 since I had my compiter worked on recently and had to re-load program files. I am using Windows 10 with Defender on and Webroot on. I have read some older posts on this problem and didn't know if solutions were different now. After installation, I have Frostwire start. The desktop dashboard opens, and about 10-15 previously downloaded files and folders show up in the upload section. It shows their status as "seeding". Then the screen freezes. I attempt to close Frostwire, but have to open Task Manager to close the program. The bottom icon showing a firewall is present on screen. I am wondering if I need to perform the procedures in older posts regarding Windows and Webroot Firewalls to allow the program to run, or if it is something else. Please advise.


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