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edited March 2017 in Open Discussion
Hi, just downloaded latest update 6.4.6 but will not load any torrent files?
Will show audio files for a particular artist but not torrent files?
Downloaded an old version 6.30 and torrent files are available?
Is there something wrong with version 6.46?


  • it should actually fix a bunch of stuff.

    If you are on windows, perhaps you skipped a step on which you're supposed to let FrostWire open incoming connections on your firewall.

    If you have firewall software, or internet security software, please double check FrostWire is whitelisted.
  • Hi. I have the same problems as Keioak. Have checked firewall and antivirus, all OK. Frostwire won't download anything. Have also uninstalled and reinstalled, but same problem. Hope you can help?
  • Hi. I found the problem. Was using an open network! As soon as I secured the network, all the downloads went just fine. :D

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