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FW 6.4.5: Transfers window always empty after restart

edited March 2017 in Chat Room Help
FrostWire 6.4.5 (build 222) Mac
macOS 10.12.4 (16E163f)

After restarting FrostWire, the Transfers window is always empty. Until quite recently it would always populate with saved searches (attempted downloads). This is no longer the case.

What I tried so far...
1. Fresh-installed FW on a test volume; default FW settings work fine;
2. Duplicating same settings on main volume does not solve the issue; Transfers window remains empty;
3. Deleting all files related to FW that Clean My Mac can find, then reinstalling FW and trying to use default settings, does not help; somehow, previous settings/preferences are "remembered" as if there was a "hidden" pref file that can't be deleted; manually changing preferences to match what worked on test volume doesn't resolve the issue;
4. Manually double-clicking on saved Torrents adds them to the Transfers window, hut they are not retained after FW relaunch;
5. Performing a search within FW, then selecting results to Download them, adds them to the Transfers window, but they are not retained after FW restarts.

I just want FW to work as it did before, but nothing I tried makes it so...


  • No suggestions?

    Is there a comprehensive list of all files that FW creates upon installation on Mac?

    Manually deleting everything is likely the only way I'll get FW to create a fresh copy over whatever corrupted file is creating the misbehavior.
  • Here's a new FrostWire 6.4.6 build 227 (built March 08 - 02:17 am EST)

    Windows ... github.exe

    Mac ... -6.4.6.dmg

    Ubuntu/Debian ... .6.all.deb

    RPM ... noarch.rpm

    Other (tar.gz) ... 227.tar.gz

    frostwire (6.4.6) stable; urgency=high
      * New Options > Advanced > Experimental. Users can now try ALPHA and BETA features
        at their own risk.
      * New revision of jlibtorrent fixes BitTorrent bugs
      * New piece size selection on torrent creation dialog
      * Library > Playlists UI improvements. Support to display lyrics when available
      * search discontinued
      * Fixes issues with SoundCloud search
      * FrostWire wizard is now displayed when a new build number is detected
      * jlibtorrent version number available in about window
      * ALPHA: New VPN-Drop protection setting. Automatically stop all BitTorrent traffic
        if no VPN connection is available
     -- FrostWire Team <>  Tue, 7 Mar 2017 19:45:51 -0600
  • New build, or reinstalling FW from scratch, does not address this issue.

    Again, is there a comprehensive list of ALL FILES created by FrostWire, so I can delete them manually?
  • If you want to delete manually it's pretty easy.

    If you're on windows, usually it's all at:

    System files
    c:\Program Files(x86)\FrostWire

    Preferences, Torrent States and Library Database

    Default Download Folder
  • I'm on Mac.

    Deleting the files that I, or 'clean up" apps, can find, leaves something hidden behind. That's why after fresh reinstallation of FW, it still "remembers" some of the old settings.

    As a reminder, what started this is the fact that FW no longer automatically populates the Transfers window with partially downloaded torrents stored in FrostWire > Torrents folder. The window is always empty.
  • If you're on Mac you want to remove the following folders.

    1. The installation folder, usually /Applications/
    2. Your settings folder ~/Library/Preferences/FrostWire5
    3. The application support folder ~/Library/Application Support/FrostWire/
    4. Optionally your download folder, usually ~/FrostWire
  • The ~/FrostWire/Torrents folder does not contain partially downloaded transfers, it simply contains the .torrents you've been using in case you want to re-start those downloads again.

    Your partial downloads and their states are saved in ~/Library/Preferences/FrostWire5/libtorrent

    You will see .torrent and .resume files which have the state of the partial transfers or ongoing bittorrent transfers.
  • "The ~/FrostWire/Torrents folder does not contain partially downloaded transfers, it simply contains the .torrents you've been using in case you want to re-start those downloads again."
    Sorry, should have said the "Torrents Data" folder.

    The "libtorrent" file is one that I haven't seen before and is likely the culprit. I'll try deleting it later.

    Appreciate the help. Thanks!

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