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Hello Community & How is Everyone Doing

edited January 2017 in Open Discussion
Hello Frostwire Community and how is everyone lately?


  • On this side, wondering if Win10 will finally drive me to Linux!

    The more I use it, the less I like it and the bad news just keep coming daily.
  • Good to see you! I trust life treats you well.
  • I been doing good Hobo and Hello COOTS! and hello there Scott :) and how are you doing Hobo?
  • Hey there Erfain.. when was the last time i talk to you .. Years ago when peercommons was super busy.

    hope things are good man.. take care buds and be safe :D

  • Things are doing well and extremely busy at times.
  • 2016 Has gone !
    On behalf of the Frostwire team

    Have a happy new year 2017

    Thanks for your support !
    And see you in the new year !


  • That's awesome .
    Hope it was good cootmaster

  • Wish you all the best for the New Years to you and your family!
  • yip was hust watching my little pony equestia girls movie 4
  • Happy new year all, we've finally getting around the end of last year and now that everyone is back from vacation and done with big new year transitions we're almost ready to deliver and apease the users with fixes in search and download.

    While we get this out, if anybody complains, please let them know about these installers for all OSes.

    For Windows, Mac, Linux
    frostwire (6.4.3) stable; urgency=high
      * Fixes issue with YouTube search
      * Fixes issue with ExtraTorrent search
      * Fixes issue where trackers would not be saved correctly when creating a torrent
      * New jlibtorrent
     -- FrostWire Team <>  Thu, 12 Jan 2017 18:52:00 -0600

    For Android
    FrostWire 1.8.7 - JAN/12/2017
     - Fixes issues with YouTube search
     - Fixes issues with ExtraTorrent search
     - New Bulgarian, Belarusian, Slovak, Thai, Malaysian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Hebrew and Serbian translations
     - Every existing translation synced to 100%, Croatian and Urdu benefit the most
     - About screen make over with material design
     - Fixes bug where main navigation menu wouldn't close on back pressed.

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