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  • I am having issues finishing Frost 5 download. I get to the stuff about it being a free thing and then the seeding info, but the bottom half of the seeding is blank. I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work. But not knowing what the issue is I have no clue what it may be. I am running Windows 7 with Java updated and the older version uninstalled. Help would be wonderful because I like Frostwire.
  • resize the window and there is a next button at the bottom.
  • ahhh.. couldnt get it to download anything.. but still can search for files and chat.. but when i double click it to download - status: error, Time: infinity!!!
    i am using macbook with latest 5.0.8.. any suggestion???
  • Just one note first. Make sure you are trying to download torrents do not show zero (0) in the seeds column in the search window. The more seeds the better.

    If that is not relevant, please fully close Frostwire. Go to Users > Your Name > Library > Preferences > FrostWire5 and move the FrostWire5 folder to the trash. Restart and reconfigure Frostwire.

    I hope this helps.
  • @Jval1283 Sorry for the delay replying. Posting onto an already overcrowded thread is not to be advised lol

    Please close Frostwire completely and Go to user > Your name > Library > Preferences > Frostwire5 Please delete the Frostwire5 folder you have reached and restart and reset up Frostwire. You can reopen all the torrents which will show in the Frostwire Library > Torrent Files.

    I hope this helps . Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Didn't know where else to post. Sorry.

    But I tried what you suggested, & still the same thing. I liked the older version a lot better...just saying
  • @Jval1283

    Frostwire 4.21.8 is available HERE

    You may need Replacement of the file to connect.

    Also THIS POST will be very useful.

    I would like to know why you are not getting any results with version 5 .. If you want to pursue this please start a new thread/topic in Software Support and give us your system details etc, as asked for in the Forum Rules
  • :( i downloaded the latest frostwire BUT for somereason it won't fully install so i can use it.
  • why would you do this its so stupid, its impossible to download music with these stupid popups why cant you just go back to the nice limewire style you had before, idiots
  • On the new frostwire, How do you guys preview the MP3's being downloaded? Coz I want to preview the song's quality, sound, etc. And also, I want to see if the file is corrupted or not.
  • edited December 2011
    The bad news is that previewing files in Frostwire 5 is not possible, due to the way Torrents work.

    The good news is that Torrent sharers are, almost always, a lot more fussy abut the quality of what they share, in comparison to a great many Gnutella users.

    You can download and check a single file from a torrent to check before downloading the whole torrent if you wish.
  • How Do I Make It To Where Frostwire Does Not Open When I Start My Computer?
  • SallyJ wrote:
    How Do I Make It To Where Frostwire Does Not Open When I Start My Computer?
    Tools>options>Advanced>system boot
    Uncheck run on system startup.
    This is an original setup parameter.
  • Having problems downloading after upgrading to Frostwire5. I type in name and get 0
  • Having problems downloading after upgrading to Frostwire5. I type in name and get 0

    What OS are you using? Windows XP? Get the latest release here:

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