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New idea

edited September 2011 in Mobile Feature Requests
Ive recently started getting connections now because of this new update but what ive noticed is if you are downloading anything and your screen goes off, it disconnects and stops the download totally. Im sure when the screen goes off it stops wifi (just assuming) but for downloading I think it shouldnt, also make it resume downloading if the peer is still near.


  • Are you saying that your Screensaver or Display sleep comes on and Frostwire stops downloading? If, as you seem to say your wi-fi goes off when the Display sleep comes on, then I suspect you need to alter your computer's settings. If your wi-fi disconnects, then, obviously, Frostwire will stop downloading. No Internet applications will work.

    As for reconnecting to previously running downloads, certainly there is some room for improvement.
  • I'm talking bout on an android phone. If the screen turns off so does downloads and uploads, other games I have will continue to download when that happens. Wat I'm saying is frostwire should stay active when downloading or uploading.
  • Many apologies ... I have pointed an Android at the question which seems valid to me as a non user :)
  • Hi Mizz,

    This is one bug we've been hunting down for quite a while now.
    In theory, we get a "LOCK" on the Wi-Fi connection (precisely to avoid this issue) but this seems to not work on certain Android phones and OS versions.

    Can you please let us know:
    - What Android version are you running? (2.1, 2.1.1...etc)
    - What Phone/Tablet is it running on?

    Thanks a lot for reporting this. Solving this issue will have a very big impact on the uptime of the network.

  • My OS is android 2.2 froyo and its an htc evo 4g with the build number 3.29.651.5
  • Mizz I think we've found a temporary solution (until we issue a new release)

    Go to the Android System Settings >
    Wireless and network > Wi-Fi Settings > Touch Menu Key > Advanced > Wi-Fi Sleep Policy > Choose "Never"

    This policy should leave your Wi-Fi on at all times once a program has gotten a "lock" on it.
  • That is actually on already, ive had that on. This is what I found out so far, wifi stays connected when downloading from other peers BUT when transferring to and from your comp via frostwire pc to android.. if the phone's screen goes off, so does the connection between pc to phone. And someone posted this before, but I think I found a fix for it, you cant locate your pc through your phone probably because you cant set a nickname on your pc except for chatting.
  • We found that there is an incompatibility between some Android's Wi-Fi power saving mode and many Wi-Fi routers.
    Supposedly the way it works is that when your screen goes to sleep and we get the wifi lock, the wifi chip is still active but it sends out a flag saying that it's in power saving mode.
    If the wifi router can't understand this the first thing that it does is disconnect you from it, therefore FrostWire disconnects.

    According to our dev. team this is a very recent bug reported on the android dev. forums, the one BAD solution we could implement would be to use WAKE_LOCK, meaning not letting the screen to save energy while you're using FrostWire but we wouldn't want to do this since we'd drain your battery very quickly.
  • edited September 2011
    thanks gubatron for information.

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