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Trash Cans

I was a Limewire user, but just recently downloaded Frostwire. I am a little lost though. When I search for a file, I barely get any results, and the majority of them have trash cans next to them. What am I doing WRONG!!


  • hey ladyk

    its a long story,

    ignore the trash cans. you arent doing anything wrong.

    if you used limewire you can do the same on FW.

    this post may sort of help with some suggestions

    theres other ways to get around it, but see how these suggestions go first.
  • This is the problem though... if I get 12 results 8 of them habve trash cans, which means I can't use them. when I was using limewire I would get WAy more results with only a few trash cans!??? I'm confused FW isn't even recognizing known artist
  • my first post sort of said enough, i thought????

    have you tried downloading anything?
    have you tried downloading some of the files that have trashcans?
  • There is never any guarantee that the trash can results will be accurate and remember, they are only seen on your computer the way they are. Other users most likely see different files marked as trash.

    Frostwire on your computer learns from what YOU mark as trash or not trash, and in theory gets more accurate, the more you "teach" it .. but it can make mistakes, so it is always wise to check trash results to make sure it is not marking good files as trash. Please note, that just because a file is marked as trash, you can still download it with no problem (always assuming that it is downloadable).

    As an example ... I mark all audio files as trash which show no bitrate AND are shared by multiple hosts and the name matches my search term exactly. I also mark any with FROSTWIRE or LIMEWIRE COURT SETTLEMENT as an album title. I do not mark all songs by "Dolls Allowed" because they are ghastly (If they indeed exist ;)), or anything else for that matter. I don't want to confuse the junk filter ... and yet, still, on occasions I will get a pile of good search results which are all marked as junk ... then its back to school for the filter .. and a little more learning.

    I think it is fair to say that the Gnutella network has changed a bit since Limewire's closure and there are most likely fewer sharers out there, but there are plenty there all the same. It may take a little more effort and patience trying to find them.

    I hope that helps a bit.
  • I have moved several irrelevant posts .. any more will meet with the same fate.
  • ladyk - you're not alone here in trying to use your limewire experience with Frostwire. I still have questions. I have found that Frostwire has gotten better with age (like a fine wine) and that while at first most of the links were trashcans (as marked by Frostwire users), it has been slowly getting better. Most of the time, TRUST the trashcan icon. Someone marked it for a reason.

    Now as a matter of maximizing searches, here's a quick Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for you:

    1. NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances, download a file with the extension of .mov or .wma or .wmv These were created by Apple (.mov) and Windows (.wma and .wmv) so that exectuable files could be inserted into them under the presumption that they might advertise to the downloader, but once you allow them that kind of permission, obviously the Bad Guys come in and make those files so they can embed some sort of malicious bug/virus/trojan/etc. into your computer.

    2. FILE SIZE
    a. As a rule-of-thumb (not written in stone but as a good rule-of thumb) if you're downloading a song, it is approximately 1 Megabyte per minute. That means a typical 3.5 minute song should be 3.5 MB (3,500 KB) in size

    b. Again, as a RULE-OF-THUMB, decent quality video is at least 10 times the size. A decent 3.5 minute music video will probably run 35 MB. And hour and a half movie (90 minutes) should run somewhere between 750 MB and 1,000 MB (or 1 GB).

    c. Therefore don't bother downloading ANY file (.mov .wma .wmv or even files labled .avi or .mpg or .mpg4) if it says its size is something like 150 KB. That's a load of horse hockey. An AVI or MPG/MPG4 will not mess up your computer, but it's a waste of time. You'll more than likely to open a message from the RIAA (media police) telling you that you won an iPad just to mess with you

    3. On the left side of the search results box is a sidebar in which you can choose the file type. Stick with AVIs and MPGs that are of the appropriate file size.

    4. It takes a bit more hunting around, but the RIAA relies on 'bots (internet robot scripts) to fool the newbies. Just learn to weed your way around them.

    Good luck, ladyk!!

    P.S. Why can't we narrow our searches to files of a certain file size or larger? I know damn well I'm not going to get "The Godfather" movie on a file that's 150 Kb in size.

    P.P.S. To the RIAA, don't dick with me. As a matter of fact I *DO* have the express, written consent to downloading the movies I do.
  • I should like to clarify one thing. Anything you mark as junk or see marked as junk will appear that way only to you. It is a local feature that learns from what YOU tell it is junk or not. If someone else marks something as trash, you will not know. Even then once in a blue moon it will throw a wobbly and mark a huge bile of good files bad for no apparent reason, so don't rely on it 100%

    Frostwire 5 now includes a basic size limit filter.

    I do not foresee one being added to Frostwire 4.
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    Nice work Only A Hobo, i am doing much like this :D
  • Spamming trash cans ... well thats a first! .. and not appreciated one bit.

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