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How do you enable sharing from pc/laptop to mobile device?


I am new to frostwire and I just downloaded the frostwire app for my Tmobile G2 and you are suppose to be able to sync your files wirelessly somehow but i cant figure it out.


  • make sure that frostwire is running on both ur pc and ur droid simultaneously and make sure that wifi on ur fone is enabled ur phone should b visible to pc-frostwire.
  • I have an LG Optimus C and I've just downloaded Frostwire for both my smartphone and my Windows 7 laptop. I, too, am having problems with filesharing between laptop and smartphone. I have wifi enabled on my phone, and bluetooth, too. When my phone shuts itself off after two minutes, my connection is lost. And I still can't share music back and forth, either. I'm not sure what I could be doing wrong, I can't find anything about it in the Help section of Frostwire, either on my laptop or on my phone. Maybe I don't need the bluetooth on? My computer can find my phone via bluetooth.
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    I also lose the connection when the phone goes in stand-by.
  • Can you use your pc when it is off? No. Same applies to phones, even stand by mode - which disables functions to conserve battery life. If you can modify the power save settings of the device you may be able to keep the device on at the cost of battery time.

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