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Frostwire got my Internet SUSPENDED...

edited August 2017 in Chat Room Help
Ever since the legal issues with Limewire ensued, I switched to using Frostwire, and I've been using it (supposedly with no problems) ever since. The Public Libraries I've been to even use it... so naturally, I thought it was perfectly safe. I've always used to in order to share PUBLICLY-SHARED and LEGAL files, which included movies and TV shows that were at PUBLIC ACCESS.
I just finished getting my Internet service (or rather my girlfriend's, since I'm currently having to live at her house, though I'm paying 95% of the bills) turned back on because I downloaded and viewed the movie "Machete," and an episode of "Batman: The Brave And The Bold," which again were supposedly PERFECTLY, 100% LEGAL TO DO SO, CONSIDERING THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN PUBLIC ACCESS/VIEW.
Because of this, my girlfriend has ordered that I am no longer allowed to use Frostwire, due to her name being on the bill and being threatened by the ISP with having the Internet service totally and completely banned, and possibly her going to jail because of the fact that even though I'm doing the same exact thing that the public libraries are doing (with no same/similar repercussions to them) and using Frostwire LEGALLY, these threats have been put upon her/us.
I even contacted the manufacturer of my wireless router in order to ask why my IP address is no longer invisible, even though THAT was the way it WAS set up to begin with (set aside the fact that I was under the impression that Frostwire ALSO made sure I was protected from my IP address being advertised concerning every single thing I looked at, using this program). But apparently, the manufacturer changed this, and Frostwire has no problem with showing my IP address to companies who are now under the false impression that I was illegally downloading material that I was made to believe was actually LEGAL.
I need for somebody to PLEASE e-mail me at gargoylegraffiti at yahoo dot com and tell me of a different file-sharing program that IS 100% safe and secure in protecting me from getting such false allegations from companies that I am LEGALLY sharing with ever again. I am OBVIOUSLY not safe on Frostwire any longer (if I ever was at all, it seems) and I have absolutely no confidence in it anymore, unless somebody can help me do differently.
I would like to simply ask if there's a way that somebody could help me to make my IP address invisible, especially on Frostwire. But, as I said, I have been ordered by my girlfriend, that I am no longer allowed to use Frostwire in ANY capacity, no matter what other security measures I install into it now or ever, while I am living here... ALL BECAUSE I WASN'T AS PROTECTED ALL ALONG, AS I WAS LED TO BELIEVE.
Once again... I need for somebody to tell me of a different file-sharing program that IS 100% safe and secure in protecting me from getting such false allegations from companies that I am LEGALLY sharing with ever again.
While I wait to hear back from somebody with this information, I'll be QUITE busy typing up my counter-statement in order for my ISP in order to try and clear my name concerning the 2 offenses that have been falsely put on my record already because of Frostwire's 100% NON-secure program.


  • I have no idea what makes you think Machete is legal to download using Frostwire, or any other application including your web browser of choice, without paying the appropriate fee, but I could be missing something.

    As far as I can see it is copyright material.

    When you install Frostwire you agree to not use it for Copyright infringement.

    As for TV episodes, I guess that is a grey area.

    I don't suppose yo remember a British TV Program called "Not the nine o\clock news", but it had a wonderful sketch in which someone phoned the Gas company and blamed them for all sorts of disastrous events in his life. It sprang to mind for some reason.

    You will know IF you have ever used Frostwire, that the Ip addresses of sharing and uploading hosts are displayed quite clearly, so how can you imagine that YOUR IP address would not be shown is beyond me. Frostwire has NEVER hidden IP addresses, and Neither did Limewire, nor does Phex which is the other Gnutella client I am familiar with.

    Now ... if you were using Frostwire for copyright infringement after agreeing not to, I fail to see how you can somehow think it is Frostwire's fault. You were led to believe it was safe to use Frostwire for copyright infringement tsk tsk ... no one I know at Frostwire would ever make ANY such claim.

    Look ... If you downloaded Michael Moore's Sicko using Frostwire and your ISP was haranguing you, you would have a case, since Michael Moore personally said his film could be shared by everyone freely.

    File sharing is legal if it breaks no laws ... and that depends on the files being shared or downloaded, as well as the location of all concerned.

    In this respect Frostwire is only as safe as the users using it.... That has always been the case and always will be.

    As a postcript I should add that there are companies on the web who charge money for Frostwire AND give the definite impression it entitles them to download whatever they like. Frostwire is a free application, and nowhere ...anywhere on it's website does it claim to be safe for those who choose to use it illegally.

    If the files of which you speak are free to share with out payment then you have nothing to worry about, but if they are not then, whether you choose to download them using your web browser or Frostwire, then that is not Microsoft's fault for supplying you with Internet Explorer any more or less than it is Frostwire's.

    Is it me or do I sense a pattern in some of today's posts?
  • I don't know of any other posts, but what I DO know is that I was doing nothing illegal.
    Obviously, I knew that my IP address would be shared with those I was sharing files with. But, I had no idea that Frostwire was sharing my IP address with Fox Broadcasting nor the other company that claimed I was infringing upon their copyrights personally by downloading one particular episode of Batman: Brave & Bold, as well as Machete, as I understood it to be as public access.
    When I come into here asking for assistance, I seriously don't expect to be insulted, belittled and treated like crap, when I already feel the world on my shoulders because a program I came to trust is sharing my IP address with other companies, which I wasn't told would happen, and I get severely punished and threatened because of it. I only knew that those I was sharing with would see my IP address... NOT any persons and/or companies that I was NOT sharing with.
    So... how about having a little tact and not add much more insult to injury by attacking me when I came in to ask help on this matter, and have gotten totally trashed already by Frostwire sharing my IP address with somebody other than who I was sharing files with, while I was doing so under the understanding that I was doing so legally.
    Screw this crap! The public library is allowed to have all visitors download anything they want using Frostwire, with no repercussions. I guess if I'm forced to use Frostwire for ANY reason, then I'll just go there and share in their free pass, since Frostwire must not give the Library's IP address to everybody else... only those of the private individuals using it personally.
    I'm outta' here.
    If anybody has anything USEFUL to help me, please e-mail me. If there's anybody else that wants to trash me for Frostwire doing this to me, giving out my IP address (and obviously all yours too), don't bother me.
  • When someone yells in these forums ..( that's what using caps is) "ALL BECAUSE I WASN'T AS PROTECTED ALL ALONG, AS I WAS LED TO BELIEVE." that someone should not expect the same courtesy we extend to other members. WHO led you to believe this? .... come on ...answer what I ask ... or is that not part of your tirade against Frostwire?

    Frostwire never led you to believe you were protected against unauthorized downloads.

    Frostwire does NOT share IP addresses with Fox Broadcasting or anyone else for goodness sake, but anyone from anywhere can find your IP address in a search. Don't go accusing Frostwire of sharing that sort of information. I do not expect people to come here with out knowing the facts and seeing as how you are further shouting I shall shortly rest my case.

    You stated "I guess if I'm forced to use Frostwire for ANY reason, then I'll just go [to the library] and share in their free pass, since Frostwire must not give the Library's IP address to everybody else... only those of the private individuals using it personally.

    What on earth are you going on about? Frostwire doesn't give out IP addresses to anyone, let alone ... no I'm not even getting started on the library/private individual topic ... Do you know who DOES have access to what you are downloading? Do you have the remotest idea how this thing works? OK ... the person you are downloading from knows what you are downloading, and I ask you to think carefully about that statement, .. and your ISP knows you are downloading a large file and perhaps lots more information ... now .... please take it up with one of them ... not with us ... you chose to use Frostwire for copyright infringement and now you are coming here yelling at US because YOU are the one who did not keep to the agreement you made when installing it.

    My advise is this. You pay your ISP for a service .... and it is they who have shopped you not us. They are the only ones who can identify you from your IP address, so please get onto them if you want to have a go at someone.

    I know of no file sharing program that will totally make you unidentifiable, but if you are using p2p legally it is not really an issue ... is it? If, as you say, the files you downloaded were entirely legal, then you will have no trouble clearing your name, but I seem to get the impression that you assumed they were legal and only you know where you got that idea from.

    You have incidentally come on a public forum and given out your email address ... not wise for someone who wants to preserve his anonymity ... I have removed it.

    I have a life and that is my last word on this topic.
  • Same here. Got a warning only to stop using frostwire or internet will be suspended. I immediately uninstalled frostwire. I used limewire/frostwire for about 8 years? never had an issue before. To be honest I thought it was legal to download movies as long as I did not financially profit from it. I guess I was wrong. Lesson learned.

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