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Can I see wich of my files have been downloaded?


I really would like to know if I can see wich of my files have been downloaded by others and at what time and by how many people. Is this possible to see anywhere?

Thanks in advance


  • You can see this in the Monitor tab. Go to View > Show/Hide > Monitor if you can't see it. Also Go to Tools > Options > Uploads > Basic and un-check the clear uploads box. Uploads will be recorded until you clear them manually or close Frostwire. If you right click on the column header bar in the Monitor tab > more options > extended tooltips, you can hover over items for more information.

    I hope that helps :)
  • Thank you!

    But does that only allow me to see it from now on? Cause I'd like to see it from previous days as well, if that's possible.
    Because I'm not sure what I have shared before, I tried to delete a tempory file from my pc, but it said that it was used in Frostwire, which should not be ok, since that file wasn't in my shared folder. That file wasn't a saved file, but a word file that was placed in temp because i didn't save it. So i don't know if it is even possible that i shared a file that wasn't even properly saved at all? Long story and many questions, sorry. But I'm just anxious since that file contained some personal information and word files show author data, and I wouldn't want other people to see it :?

    I hope you can help me, since you seem to know a lot about Frostwire!
  • Adding to my post above:

    I'm not 100% sure that the temp file was the word doc, but it had the same time on it. When I opened it, it seemed epty, but I'm not sure if it contained any hidden info, since i didn't open it in the right program. But my question is: is it possible that Frostwire shared a (non-saved) doc from temp files, or can only files saved in my shared file be shared?
  • You cannot see what you have shared or uploaded in a previous session.

    You will only be able to upload files to other Gnutella users from folders that are shared in Tools Options Sharing, or possibly recently downloaded files or files partially downloaded with Frostwire depending on the upload/sharing Options you have set.

    I do suspect that this file may have been an incomplete download or aborted download, and these can not often be deleted unless they have been removed from the download window. Unless you have somehow contrived to share a temp folder, which I can not see you doing by accident, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

    I am intrigued to know what file it was that was apparently in use by Frostwire and exactly where it was. I use a Mac and I know exactly where all the Frostwire related files are. I can't say that I know for sure with Windows.

    I hope this helps.
  • Thank you so much! :D

    I looked at the files I shared and it should only be files either in saved or in torrents (and subfolders, but im pretty shure temp isnt one) and files that have been downloaded.
    So, and since the worddoc was made on my own pc and you said it's rather dificult to share a tempfile, it should be oke!

    I'm wondering as well. When I looked at temp files i tried to delete a file with roughly the same time as the word doc, and it was either a (empty) CVHLauncer textdoc or a TMP doc which seemed to consist some long code doc, which i wasn't sure if it was a decoded text, or it was temp cvr doc. (i'm not sure which one it actually was, since i 'panicked' right away and clicked on all of these files in order to shut them down and when that didn't work i shut down my pc, after restarting it i could remove the file) It is possible that it was a incomplete download, since i had a mp3 that needed more sources in frostwire, but Frostwire wasn't opened at the time, so i don't think it was active. But since i'm a compete computernoob (as im sure you noticed :mrgreen: ) i'm not sure if that could have been it.

    Again, thanks so much for your help and i'm guessing i didn't actually share the file, since it wasn't even saved and not in shared or torrents.
  • Btw, when i look at the files i share in the library, there are non in either shared or torrents, but the files I share are in 'indiuvidally shared files', which are the same files as in the saved file in the library. So i guess files i downloaded with frostwire end up in saved and are shared from there, and i have no files in shared since i selected my extensions as the only type of files i share, and there are non in shared, at least not now, but an extension doesnt mean that a temp file could be shared right?

    Sorry for all the questions :shock:
  • hey,

    sorry, im running out of oomph,

    im not quite sure what youre try to get at.

    check these out and see if it makes things a bit clearer.

    Right Click on this link, select, Open in New Tab.
    where are my downloads saved?

    Right Click on this link, select, Open in New Tab.
    where are my shared folders?

    windows has a shared folder, FW has its own shared folder, seperate from the windows one. is that what youre trying to work out with your file in shared?
  • Thanks guys, found a lot of useful and interesting information!

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