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Widget and Upload Feature

Hey Forum peeps,

I'm suggesting a widget that tells you at least how many peers are connected and how many uploads/downloads you have going on...granted that the app ran in the background!

Also, while in the app, there is a screen for looking at what you are or have downloaded; could you add a screen to see who and what your uploading?

Thank you!


  • Well if you are running as a leaf then if you are turbocharged you know you are connected to 5 hosts connections. This is shown at the bottom of the application along with the number of uploads and downloads running along with the the total speed of both.

    The Monitor Tab shows the current Uploads running. Click View > Show/Hide > Monitor if you can not see the Tab. Also you can enable Monitor to show all Uploads for the session by going to Tools > Options > Uploads > Basic > Clear Uploads, and uncheck the box.

    In Mac it would be nice to possibly see the up and download rates on the doc icon. Transmission does this and I like it. I understand a Widget might be an alternative, but I hope what I have said might help a bit, if such an innovation does not get off the ground :)

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