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Peer connection and Chat

I was all excited the first time I saw frostwire for android since I love the program. I in the end was a little disappointed between the pc version and the android version. It didn't feel like the same program. I felt it shouldn't even be called frostwire cause they really didn't even do the same things. Is there plans to add the ability to connect to full computer "windows, mac, Linux" peers like the full computer version or will frostwire be a phone to phone version only? Something that really bugs me also is how you can browse the peer automatically in the browse tab. I wish we could just remove the peer list and have a interface similar or close to the pc version. I say I want to connect to computers rather then just phones cause desktop and labtop are more stable peers and are on longer.

Lastly the chat was a little disappointing. I was hoping at first that it would connect to the irc server instead of what it is now.

Sorry for the ragging. I love frostwire so it hurts me to see the difference between the mobile version and the full computer version.

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