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edited November 2010 in Mobile Feature Requests

Loving FrostWire but it's getting annoying now.


Select All
Invert selection
Disable vibrate for completed download


Deselects all when screen's rotated


  • I'm not totally following and must check this out some more which I'll do a little later .. but tools >options >view i believe has an option to disable notifications. Does that help on the one point?
  • The app works great except that all that I can ever connect to is 25 peers and they all seem to enjoy a genre of audio listening that doesn't suit my taste. I'm having a difficult time finding the app to be of any use unlike the PC version of Frostwire. Is there any way to increase the number of peers that the mobile app connects to and searches? Or is it that there are only 25 users of the program in the whole world and they just don't have the same tastes that I so? Using Frostwire on my PC is a great experience. I wish that it could be duplicated on my mobile.

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