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FrostWire creates FrostWire folder in My Documents


Every time I start FrostWire it creates a folder called "FrostWire" in "My Documents" with nothing in it.

It is ANNOYING since I keep that folder organized and it is a pain to delete it every time I use FrostWire. There is no option in FrostWire to turn this off.

Anyone now how to turn it off. Or perhaps someone on the development team wishes to address this issue.



  • Please tell us what Operating System you are using? I am guessing it is Windows 7, but please confirm .. yes or no :)
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • A Frostwire folder is always created as you describe. We are considering changing it for Windows 7 but I'm not sure of the feasibility or possibility of actually being able to delete the Default folder location.

    There is no point at present in deleting the folder as it will be re-created, and this can not be turned off, I'm afraid.

    Topic moved to ideas and feature requests where it may catch the Developers' attention.
  • Thanks for your answer.

    I hope someone on the dev team looks into it.

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