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Have I just caught µTorrent with it's hands in my cookie jar

I was going through the PeerBlock forums, looking for addresses to unblock and came across this little curiosity:

Request for clarification :|

At first I thought it was just a bug with the most recent version of µTorrent but I ran some tests of my own and found
some peers in my swarms from a Bittorrent Inc range we blocked years ago. [BitTorrent, Inc.:]

After looking through their EULA and Privacy Policy and thinking over the implications of joining in on everybody's
swarms without notice I decided to put the question directly to the management:

uTorrent: hundreds outgoing connections to BItTorrent Inc :x

This was also emailed to as many company email addresses as I could find. :wink:

I'm depositing copies of that post and a packet capture here for backup. If they don't explain it by next Thursday night
and I am somehow stopped from going public please do me a favour and post them in a few forums and blogs they can't
reach and can't blame me for. :mrgreen:
I have confirmed that three peers are running in the range allocated to BitTorrent, Inc.
The addresses seen by me are, and and they appear in
the peers list of many of my legally shared seeding swarms.

As this activity apparently conflicts with the stated intentions of the Privacy Policy as posted on this website…

- a detailed technical explanation of the activity,
- of Company intentions behind the activity,
- and how BitTorrent, Inc. will ensure the activity conforms to the policy

…is now necessary in order to maintain public trust in the company and the µTorrent software.

I call upon members of the executive staff or owners to reply in detail to the listed points.
A full week to consult technical staff and counsel in order to compose a suitable reply should be sufficient.

Failure to respond within seven days and within this thread in view of the public by identified executive staff
or listed ownership of BitTorrent, Inc., deletion of this post or thread, closure of this thread, any attempt in public
or in private to suppress and avoid this public challenge or actions and omissions to break communication with
me in any way will be construed and subsequently publicized as implicit admission that a breach of the Privacy
Policy as posted has occurred without intentions to rectify the actions or clarify their purpose. Communications in
private by email is not expressly forbidden but the issue is that of public trust; therefore public response is both
warranted and necessary under the circumstances. Put simply, I am giving you no choice but to explain it here.

I sincerely hope for a reasonable explanation and we all eagerly await a detailed response.

All forums staff should refrain from comment, forward this message to the company directly to be handled
as they see fit, and then wait for direction from the company.
This is a matter for company leaders or directors
to address and so is addressed to them directly in this public forum as this is the most appropriate place for
matters of public trust and company policy concerning the privacy of forum members and users of µTorrent.

"Bittorrent Inc. Privacy Challenge,txt" (filed Thursday, Sept 9, 2010 for conditional release Thursday, Sept 16, 2010)

Did I mention I swing a big Axe? tongue3.gif


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