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Alrighty, here we go!
I have been currently working on some codecs for the Android 2.1-2.2froyo for a ROM that can be uploaded to the device for Wicked FrostWire use. Currently, so long as the Device is Rooted(Becoming more and more popular) you can use a reversal WiFi Kernel that allows WiFi Tethering from the Device to any device that can connect Via WiFi. As Well, I'm averaging 1100kpbs/Sec :twisted: , That i have currently been using to use my PC's FrostWire. I'm currently revising the Kernel to allow unBridged connections to the Wireless Tether.
Long Story short, Hopefully soon- so long as there is 1 rooted device, then there can be a massive allowance of other devices connecting to it for AndroidFrostWire. I'll post updates as they come along, but in the meantime, Does anyone have the Image of the FrostWire Droid? I would really like to make that a Bootimage and use it on future Roots i perform.
I have spoken to many in VZW about this and all seem intrested, I'm pushing as hard as i can for FrostWire.... are you?
BTW, if you have the Image.. just post it so we all can grab it!


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