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Better keep a daily backup of the site from now on.

Now that LimeWire is facing the possibility of being knocked out, the RIAA might try to
take out smaller targets like FrostWire and other LimeWire descendants.

Since this site is hosted in the U.S. they could try an ambush by ex parte order,
and get an order against Layered Tech to close the site and hand it over.

They would justify using a ex parte process by claiming they cannot find us,
even though it could easily be proven after the fact that at least a few of us
could be found. Since we wouldn't be there to expose such a lie, a court
could be easily tricked into letting it happen that way.


  • I hear rustlers in the weeds. Be alert for ringers pretending to be members of the public.

    An iMesh employee tried to pass himself off as tech support at Technutopia yesterday
    and the RIAA and CRIA (the Canadian RIAA) are astroturfing at full speed right now.

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