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Having more than 5 host numbers to connect to

edited December 2009 in Desktop Feature Requests
Having more than 5 host numbers to connect to
would be awesome...

I know its possible... i have 30 connection host numbers or more if i want and a FOrced Ultrapeer .
Its Fantastic....
Love it Fast Downloads
Can't go to much detail.. but it would be cool to have 30 host connection host using froswire



  • If all leaves had 30 UP connections the network would fail. If Limewire basic all had 5 UP connections it would put a huge strain on the network ... it will never happen due to the way Frostwire, Limewire and the Gnutella network are built. :)
  • lol I just looked at this post.. sorry..

    Ill put some screen shots of the software im using. and it is possible to connect to more than 5 hosts
    and be a ultrapeer and not a leaf..
    I am using it right. and yes ... its the same network as frostwire/limewire/bearshare etc...

    The download speeds are crazy and being able to choose how many host i can be connected is amazing.
    but.. i will not post the screen shots in respect of the frostwire software.

    The impossible can be Possible..
  • You missed Hobo's point.
    The problem with connecting to more than 5 ultrapeers is the fact that it uses up connections faster - each ultrapeer can only have so many connections at once.
    If you wanted to activate this we would have to also increase the number of ultrapeers by the same rate, which is something we can't control due to the way the network is constructed.
    As Hobo said, it would put a huge strain on the network.
  • Having too many host is a bad thing actaully it would suck up 5 to 30 kbps more bandwith and would limit other users connecting do to Full Ultrapeers it would actaully be a bad thing best resualts come from 5 to 7 ultrapeers per Komputers I have had 70 Ultrapeers on Bearshare and it was no better than 10 ultrapeers : P

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