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STICKY: How Do I Register On The Chat?

edited November 2011 in Chat Room Help
When I'm in the FrostWire Community Chat and I want to pm somebody, I cant.
It writes: "*** You must be authenticated to message that user."
When I asked for help in the Lobby, they told me to register. How and where?
Help me, please :?


  • Have a look at wyrdjax's excellent tutorial >>>> HERE <<<<


    To register your nick, you must have been using it for at least 10 minutes (or 600 seconds)

    *****type /register <password> <email@address> (It will unregister automatically if not used for 14 days). (Make up a password, which you MUST remember, and put it instead of <password> and type your email address in place of <email@address>)

    The / immediately before /register is essential ... start /register ..

    ATTENTION: Use a password you don't use somewhere else!

    *****To login (authenticate), use /identify <password>

    It is wise , but not essential to do this in a private message window "Information or Global" (in the lower row of names under the screen) since if you make a mistake in a room it will be seen by the room .. typed correctly it is invisible .. just type where you normally chat
  • I do believe all services are shut down.

    So registering a nickname isn't currently available.
  • Hii The_Fox :) Do keep up mate :mrgreen: ... nickserv services were restored a couple of days ago


    Hobo :)
  • Oooooh,

    Shows you how much I go on peercommons ;P
  • everytime i try to log on to chat it says "that nickname is not allowed please choose another nickname" I've tried every nickname i even tried some that didn't make any sense but nothing works............
  • you may have to change the nick in tools options ... and restart ... but i have a feeling all nicks containing "god" are not permitted ... a fact only so dont start a debate on the subject lol :D
  • you also may type /ns register pass email and /id pass
    or for better protection type /msg nickserv register /msg nickserv identify
    this will open nickserv so no one can see it if you forget the /
  • im having trouble lol im pretty sure i sound real dumb right about now, but i tried /register <password> <email@address> and i entered my info and its telling me my email is invalid :?: and im not sure what other email to put
  • example
    /register cargo


    /msg nickserv register
    then in pm that pops up type cargo
  • edited November 2011
    thanks.I'm gonna register here.. ^_^
    I'm a new member.. :D
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