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Need Frostwire Kick start host numbers?

edited June 2009 in Open Discussion
Hi if you can't access the live chat #support due to network problems

And need host numbers to Kick start your frostwire...

I made a site where you can get host numbers and so you can try to fix it yourself
The site is easily laid out so you wont have problems finding what you need

Cheers Sonic_X


  • Thanks sonic_x :) The list is at viewtopic.php?p=24527#p24527 but make sure you use the gnutella hosts lower down. Not Gnutella2 at the top.

    If you can't connect and see starting connection try this kick start. go to your connections tab and add and then the number after the colon replaces the one in the port box. Do not enter the colon (:).

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