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I have a little bug with this phpBB skin and FF3

The tabs are shrunk so far that I can't see the text on them.
It's probably a simple fix. Any ideas?

Maybe another skin or two for comparison could reveal what is
different about this one.


  • Me too Aaron .. theres quite a few things need sorting like that we can list them here, and maybe try to get them sorted all at once.
  • If this skin thing is affecting more than one of us let's restrict the ability to select skins from
    regular and unregistered members and then install a few. Odds are high one of the others will
    not have the tabs issue and we can then tweak the FrostWire skin to fix it.
  • I don't have a problem at all...

    Could it be your screen resolutions? Or something your end..
  • hey mikey :) it is affecting many users with different browsers and resolutions one way or another ... so if you get any reports from others let us know
  • There appears to be a problem with the captcha picture... so users can't register.
  • I guess you know by now to just ignore it :) we must sort it out soon before the spammers realize :)
  • I blame Aaron :twisted:
  • Does this thing have the option to use Recaptcha? That one uses actual scans that OCR couldn't
    read so users are also supporting the book digitization project associated with Recaptcha when
    they untangle those knots.
  • I think I have a solution.
    In style.css:
    /* CP tabbed menu
    #tabs {
    line-height: normal;
    margin: 20px 0 -1px 7px;
    padding-bottom: 7px;
    min-width: 570px;
    Change that -1px bottom margin to a positive number, like 4px
    Add "padding-bottom: 7px;"

    In IE the tabs will be slightly taller but they will be just tall enough to see in Firefox.
  • Let me know if the display bug on the tabs is gone now, I've patched the CSS file with Aaron's fix:
     #tabs {
     	line-height: normal;
    -	margin: 20px 0 -1px 7px;
    +/*	margin: 20px 0 -1px 7px;*/
    +        margin: 20px 0 4px 7px;
    +        padding-bottom: 7px;
     	min-width: 570px;
    $ svn ci -m "Attempt to fix tab display bug. CSS Patch submited by Aaron.Walkhouse"
    Sending        theme/cp.css
    Transmitting file data .
    Committed revision 1403.
  • I've added a little more padding on the bottom and that seems to have fixed it for me on Firefox 3.5.
    Now it remains to fix the 3 little tabs below to the right. If you could point me where on the CSS these styles are handled I'll quickly do the fix. Thanks Aaron for finding the bad CSS, that's the hardest part
  • Look for "#minitabs", probably in the same file.
  • Welcome back Gubatron :)

    The display problems I emailed you about using Omniweb and Safari are still the same.
  • i can also see the issues for safari. not sure if its worth the overkill, does it look ok in IE?

    btw, I'm replacing the captcha for reCaptcha (thanks to Aaron's suggestion), found a plugin that supposedly works for phpbb3, let's see how it goes. I think I'll have a chance to do it sometime before noon EST
  • Still a number of issues with some pages on some browsers.

    An important one is, as just reported by a user, Mac OS-X 10.5.7 and Safari 4.0.1 on the registration pagewhere the captcha is "chopped off" (default font setting)

    personally on OS X 10.4.11 Safari 4.0 font 14? (but same happens on default setting) I am getting this:
  • Does Safari have an option for varying levels of rendering compliance?
  • It looks fine in IE (win), Opera (mac & win) and Firefox 3.5 (mac & win),
    why can't safari render correctly?

    If anyone can take the time to point me the CSS classes that might be affecting this issue I'll fix it in a blink
  • I really have no idea what to look for but will try to corner my son tomorrow. It may be worth pointing out that Omniweb (Mac Only Browser)shows the the registration page exactly the same as Safari on my machine.
  • Since Safari lets you use a local CSS file it will be easy to tweak the margins and paddings one
    by one until the page starts working right. Open that page in Firefox and save it as Complete
    HTML, then set Safari to use the saved CSS file, open it in a text editor and the registration
    page in Safari. Every time you make a change in the CSS file hit F5 in Safari to see what moved.

    Most of them will just make a mess because that ReCaptcha gizmo is put together in a pretty
    elaborate way. Do only one at a time and keep track of the original setting so you can put
    them back before moving on to the next one. All the ones marked "!important" are probably
    better left alone because they come from the ReCaptcha site anyway.

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