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split from FORUM missing posts and other details

edited July 2009 in Team Discussions
We needed to run a back up of the forum from a week ago which means all posts, registrations and profile changes since then have been lost. Sorry about that, but such are the problems of working with computers.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and if you find you can not register, please bear with us. If a question has not been answered, please re-post. All will be sorted shortly :-)


  • Repairs are not yet complete, I see. PMs are still not possible.

    Make sure you save the logs in case the authorities need them.
    One of the support staff at Steadfast is fuming, but I'm in touch with
    the CEO too and it looks like a professionally-run outfit.

    The smaller ISP inside Steadfast which is actually hosting the
    criminals hasn't responded yet, but that is likely because it's a
    part-time thing for them.

    I'd have blocked the offending ranges already, but:
    General Error
    SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

    Table 'b' is marked as crashed and should be repaired [1194]

    An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the Board Administrator if this problem persists.

    If somebody gets to it first, block -
    so that nobody can connect to here from Veritynet again.
  • IP ranges banned.
    I'll now take a look at the issue with the PMs
  • @Gubatron ... also check out the email reply advice for this .. It looks pretty odd .... no "from" details, where they should be.
  • Guys, let's move this conversation out of the forum.
  • Moved to the old team discussions forum ... private for mods only .... Aaron and others you can only get here from the drop down menu hope I did it right :)
  • Okay, now that we're behind the curtain, what are all the email and IP addresses of that guy?
    I will be adding that guy to blocklists and filters here and there. :twisted:
  • heh it was only the one ip .. actually ( username poon
  • poon has also been posting as

    maggot4life ( 10 ( 3 (latest) (

    Re: Could this be the end of frostwire chat?
    by maggot4life » Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:02 am
    1) 'frostwire shits' wasn't directed at the community, but at its problems.
    2) rude but true
    3) see you guys later. good luck. if you need to contact me:
    You can catch me on the speedtrain beeper in a three-way shinin with the gleam chain and yer honey givin me brain,
    - k0pp

    Ive banned .. moved all posts to quarantined and account deactivated ....
  • OK OK cancel the previous post .... poon aka k0pp hacked maggot's nick as well

    so please undo any anti maggot actions except ( which is i assume k0pps ip 'proxy
  • I could put up a block on proxies. Lists are available for that too. :mrgreen:
  • Imo not necessary atm .. we found on irc that blocking proxies also blocked quite a number of genuine dynamic ips..
  • Which list did you use? I'd naturally expect some dynamic
    IPs in a proxy list but not ones that aren't really proxies.
  • i'll need to get back to you on that Aaron.
  • Heres a list a bot net used which Gummo gave me ..
  • A bit stale. Here's an update on that short list:

    Here's a stable proxy list which covers the bigger public and rental proxies: Blocklist Pro Security -

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