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iTunes, Frostwire, and Mac OSX

i can download songs fine and open up frostwire. after i get the files, i cant put them onto my desktop or in my iTunes library. Please, please help me!


  • If you enable iTunes integration in Frostwire>preferences, the tunes should load automatically into iTunes. Let us know which iTunes and OSX you are using if this doesn't help. I assume you have Fostwire 4.10.9.

    Note that you need to move files from your DOWNLOAD folder not the Frostwire library, but iTunes integration should make this unnecessary.
  • i am using 4.10 i beilve, i have to check. but apperantly, if i double click on the song in frostwire library, it opens in iTunes. I just wanted an easier way. and i have iTunes 8 if that makes a differance
  • iTunes 8! I thought 7 was the latest lol :)

    As I said you must enable Preferences>iTunes>iTunes integration. It is posssible you might have do dissable iTunes sharing on the same preference page, and also dissable look for shared files in iTunes preferences. This option is only for other users on your Network, so unless you are on a network will not effect you.

    Does this make sense, or do you not have the integration option.

    There are occasionally times when integration does't work, usually after a long session, but will work again after a re-boot, which is a good idea in any event on OSX after a day or two if you are running FW continuously.

    I have my iTunes music folder as my download folder, which I find makes life easier.
  • i dont get it its in my itunes but i cant put it on my ipod
  • What type of files are you trying to pot on your iPod ..wma, mp3 etc.

    Are you using Mac OSX and which version ..also which iTunes???? 6 or 7.

    Are you trying to load "moodyblonde'slimeWire tunes" playlist onto your iPod. You cannot do this. You need to make a separate playlist, although you should have one called just Frostwire (or possibly Limewire), wher all your tunes go automatically if you are using Mac OSX and have enabled iTunes integration.

    If you are using windows, you need to drag songs from your Limewire Library or your save folder to the iTunes library, and load them onto iPod from there or make a new playlist and add the playlist.

    With few details to go on I've had to make a few guesses and give you some un-useful information, but I hope I've helped.
  • Are you trying to load "moodyblonde'slimeWire tunes" playlist onto your iPod...If you are using windows, you need to drag songs from your Limewire Library or your save folder to the iTunes library
    LimeWire? What's that? lmao Sorry OAH!
    FW Playlist in iTunes, see
    To add songs to iTunes music library. See OAH's advice about auto-importing setting (FrostWire's Prefs > iTunes > importing.) For adding songs from iTunes to iPod, I'd recommend manually updating it. See Managing your songs manually from iTunes to iPod (click on link)

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