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iPhone/ipod touch frostwire

I think this is a great idea. You wont however be able to get this into the appstore, but for the jailbreak community... There is already a plugin in cydia that gives java run time environment (jre). Also it is sure to have enough power. It even meets the minimum requirements for the desktop version. as it has got 128 mb of ram and 600 MHz processor. Think about how great it would be. Also the iphone has a torrent downloader (that sucks). I can easily imagine good download speeds through 3g or wifi. (I am always connected to wifi). As i do not code in java (I might help if you direct me to some place that shows me how). I make programs in xcode. PS I have read all the other posts.
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  • I dunno about this. I'm sure frostwire would run fine on the iPhone but can you imagine the phone bill from downloading content on a 3g network? I don't know about your phone provider but mine isn't so nice when it comes to downloading on a mobile device. And as for wifi, if your using wifi your most likley to be at home on your own network. So why not just download with your home computer?

    Also not everyone can afford a pricy item like the iPhone. It would be a waste of time to devolope a app for 1 single device. I'm sure the frostwire team have better things to worry about.
  • With the iphone it is required that you get an unlimited data plan when you sign up. The wifi, I am at a lot of places where theirs wifi thats not home. Where I live there is wifi hotspots everywhere. The reason I think its a good idea is this. "Your talking to someone at work, they suggest a song, so you get onto your iphone, open frostwire and download it, and start listening. I can see your points, It is far more practical for some people than it is for others.

    Edit: If only I knew how to code in java... I would do it myself. Is there an opensource gnutella client written in c? Then I could port it to the iphone, color it blue and say its frostwire.
  • well the iPhone runs on Unix doesnt it? just compile the sourcecode
  • sadly it not that easy, because of different interface types, accessing the ipod framework, and other differences from the computer. Id have to learn java to make it. :|

    Edit: By how many views this is getting I think im not the only one who would like this. I would like one of the frostwire devs opinion. I also want to point out errricks soon to be released pwnplayer and isoulseek. I would prefer gnutella over the soulseek network for its enhanced speed and the amount of files.
  • In my opinion, the problem would be getting it to work with Apple approving. They do have the ability to kill apps that they don't like and making a file sharing app doesn't seem that likable to a company that sells the songs that people that would use it would download for free. I could see it working better with the iPod Touch than the iPhone...
  • I knew that would be a problem to begin with. Thats why I suggested getting it onto Cydia, the jailbroken installer. Their the only rules that apply is the hardware, and someone hosting it. It can access anything and everything it wants. It does not need to follow apples rules, and apple does not need to accept it into the store. The competitor for it right now would be mewseek. Which is based on the soulseek network (stupidly). :roll:
    it is slow.
    you cant download from more than one person at a time.
    It does not split the song into pieces.
    It cant preview songs that have not been downloaded completely.
    Also vote no to Obama. His vice-president Biden wants to end p2p (lime wire, bittorent, Frostwire, etc.) and sue the people who used it $100,000
  • I could see it working on a jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone if they decided to... People that can't or won't jailbreak theirs would be a little out of luck though
  • Is there a Java Virtual Machine for Jailbreak? If there is maybe something could be done.
  • Not sure if it's for jailbreak but this article mentions Sun making a Java Virtual Machine for iPhone... ... Id=9067358
  • Once out, we'll def. give it a try on porting it.
    It will be fun to see if the iPhone allows to create an ad-hoc wifi network, it'd be really cool to open frostwire anywhere on the street, maybe a coffee house, or a subway car, and see if there are other users around you.
  • Their is multiple java run time envirement (programs) for the iphone/ipod touch out now. Ill list them here
    Java SQLite
    Also the iphone sdk can compile java code...
  • Sorry for being lazy, but I'd like to chat a little more about it on the open (so this can be googled later for whoever is doing research on the subject)

    Can you install these along your iPod/iPhone application bundle (say if you were on a regular macosx app, you'd put the runtime maybe under or these only run if you have a Jail Broken iPhone.
  • The different runtimes are only for jailbroken ipods/iphones, However the java support in the sdk is still there, but I am not sure if it will support all the commands that you need. Also apple would probably not let it into the appstore that is why jailbroken ones are probably your only option. I would help you develop it but I am kind of busy, you can see my blog in my signature.
  • But what if just the chat was available? That would be incredible. I use my iTouch a ton for Internet, and a lot of times I wish I could log on to community chat. Not a bad idea, but would it take too much?
  • For the chat all you need is an IRC client. Maybe there's one for the iPhone.

    Here's something that might help you get an IRC Client running on the iPhone

    Once you have an IRC client on your iPhone, you just need to connect to
  • gubatron wrote:
    For the chat all you need is an IRC client. Maybe there's one for the iPhone.

    Here's something that might help you get an IRC Client running on the iPhone

    Once you have an IRC client on your iPhone, you just need to connect to

    This doesn't just include the iPhone, alot of phones have the capability of IRC connection.
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    Using a Frostwire for downloading songs in iPhones is a good and easy way. But I think it is not easy to install the application without using enough time. In jailbreak community it is a very easy and possible way so it is great for this side.
  • If there was a way to run the DalvikVM on a Jailbroken phone (and add all the Android libraries) we'd have FrostWire and every other Android app on the iPhone.
  • any JVM for jailbreak? urgent help ?
  • Google would be a good source of information -- and now I shall close this thread, It has run for nearly 6 1/2 years. Good luck :D
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