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STICKY: Read this if you have been kicked/banned.



  • you explain to me i have had this chatter who the majority of the time uses mr froggy one , he has been harrassing me for over two weeks now. day after day, each time i log in he sees my nic and starts changing his nic says shit stirring things then i put him on iggy and he changes to another nic, comes back in again and starts the harrassment again, each and every time i make complaints about the harrassment to hosts in main and yet he is continuing this behaviour, the nics he uses are practically indentical with a few minor changes, he has been sending me excessive amounts of whispers , and personal messages,. and when i made these complaints to hosts and kept pleading with them their response kick me not him,. this mr froggy one even followed me to #chat room and started there but at least the hosts there did something and kicked him .
    i dont think that is fair yes i have been naughty too but i changed , and yet this mr froggy one is allowed to do what he wants, i know i should have taken screen shots and i did but where do i send them , all im asking for is for mr froggy one to be spoken too, and to be kicked if he should continue after a warning has been given, it has gotten to the point that i am considering asking the federal police in my country to lay charges of harrassment both against mr froggy one and frostwire an expense that i dont have the money for but i wish i could , i thought the idea of having the hosts in the first place was to protect chatters from this type of harrassment, there have been numerous occastions where i have had to change my nic , but he finds me again and starts all over again. do something about this mr froggy one
  • The heading for this thread is: "Re: STICKY: Read this if you have been kicked/banned."

    What you should do is take this to the #abuse room.

    Good luck with that. I am not sure you are one of the Staffs' favourites; fred.
  • why the hell should i be one of their favourites that just proves to me that the only way someone will get help with something like this is if you are a crawler a suckup this reply just proves to me about the integrity of the staff , that they show favourtism towards their mates and that they allow their mates to get away with blue murder and other chatters they come down on like a ton of bricks, by your reply you have just proven my point.
  • i just went into chat and there is no such room as the #abuse room , the staff as you call them are acting like mini hitlers they are abusing their powers as hosts.
  • Type 'join #abuse. I am not sure if you may need a registered nick to join the room but I think not.

    And .. hey If you abuse the staff -- expect the same in return
  • yes i expect the same in return but what i expect also is the same kicking stuff for those that also abuse me
  • be noted that i have gained a screen shot of the host casper asking people for money to keep the chat running here is your proof of corruption asking each person to send a dollar in to keep it running i can send you the proof that casper charges people money to use the servvice

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