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  • Having no idea who Optimus Prime is I had a Google and ...well we don't need Bots who are that intelligent ..they would take us over, but hey he shares my dislike of rap and [shh ... don't tell anyone but] i am not adverse to the odd soap opera myself, so he could be considered ;) 8)
  • I was banned and i dont know why.when i try and connect it says. I deleted the ip address but if it is needed message me and i can provide it. [3:11pm] * Connecting to (6667)
    [3:11pm] Closing Link: [ip address] Z:Lined (Botnet)
  • Courtneylol, the IP of your forum post matched the zline on the server and has been removed.
    I had to be sure of the issue as there were several bots that connected and looked like normal user addresses.
  • Why can i not identify or join any channel i dont even know what i did. my main nick is expl0it. Plz help me and thank you for your time.
  • @Eternal

    Please could you confirm you are still unable to connect. You should receive some sort of a message saying why you cannot connect unless it is simply a matter of immediately disconnecting, which seems to happen to us all from time to time.
  • Ok i usually enter into the Espanol chat room and a clon kept coming in with the same name Risuena so i changed my name to Guerumba then the monitors were helping me to register my name to Risuena and i guess i kept messing up and the whisper said go to reigister help n i did but it just took me out of the room so i went back in and there was another Risuena again n the system change my name to numbers at the end of it but the monitor that was helping me Fernanda or fresita knocked me out n now when i hit the connect button it wont even connect im still very new to frostwire but i like so need some help and advice on what to do now Thank You
  • The Nick Risuena is not registered so if you are using it and anouther user comes in and tries to use it they will be renamed Risuenaxxxx random numbers represented by x.

    This will also happen if you get briefly disconnected and reconnected ... and I suspect may be what happened to you.

    I do suggest you use /join #support who will help you register your name, once you have logged in ... just make sure you change to the nick you want to register before you try to register (I've seen that mistake made many times :D

    At times you will find you can not connect. It may be worth checking what name you have in tools > options > community chat .... if you change it there you need to restart FrostWire before it takes effect.

    I hope that helps for now. I'm not saying too much as I fear I might get you a bit more confused
  • THANK you so much everything works fine now :D
  • hey there i was banned for nothing i didnt say nothing wrong and i dnt think its right becuase i was follwing all the rule and what not and still got banned.. and something needs to be done!!!!!
  • @cutemom21,

    Did you actually read the first post on page 1 of this thread?

    I am making a guess here, since you have not told us who kicked or baned you. You have not told us what room this was either.

    My guess is that you were kicked for this nick which is not, I think, one that sets the tone in #main and may well have been auto-kicked. If this is the case the nick would have been banned but not you ... use /nick and after a gap select a new nick and, on a new line /join #main.

    If this is not applicable, please can we have more details.
  • Okay, I understand why I have been banned and completely agree that I deserved it. (Tried to change my nick to googlefacebookyoutubewikipedia)

    But will I really be banned PERMANENTLY?
  • If that is all you did I suspect a 12 hour ban which should be lifted by now ... If of course you are being economical with the truth, who can say? ;)
  • Oh wow. It was a 12 hour ban. But I got this message:
    ***Whisper from*** You are permanently banned from PeerCommons (Botnet IP address.) Email for more information.
    Instead of the Red Ban message. O_O
  • CobraDemon wrote:
    Oh wow. It was a 12 hour ban. But I got this message:
    ***Whisper from*** You are permanently banned from PeerCommons (Botnet IP address.) Email for more information.
    Instead of the Red Ban message. O_O
    Yes, that's an automated server-wide ban placed when the chat network is experiencing high numbers of malicious users connecting at the same time.
    You can e-mail (not contact@, chat@) and we'll get it sorted for you.
  • I haven't been banned, but the chat refuses to let me log in because "That username is not allowed" and automatically logs me out before I have a chance to change it. How can I change my username without being able to log in? Who would create something that is like this?
  • hey Stickboy,

    i dont do chat, but im pretty sure the deal is, open FW, go to tools, options, chat.

    change your name there, apply, OK, turn FW off.

    turn FW back on, and it should let you login to chat with your new name.
  • I am banned at the moment i am getting message. [11:16am] Closing Link: FakeName[IP address here] (User has been banned from PeerCommons (Open Proxy.)). I may have more than one IP address but none are proxies. Obviously i removed my ip address from my post but if you would like PM me and i can give it to you.
  • This is being dealt with by Email, so please send any further posts there.
  • Hello all.

    I noticed today (well, the date on which I'm posting this) that chat wasn't working. I couldn't help wondering why, and i annoyingly continued to click on it, eventually giving up and doing something else. Eventually it struck eight, and I noticed it actually brought up a bar of information as it does when it's up, but also said beneath it, in green, "you have been disconnected from the chat server". I wondered why, if everything was up, it was doing this. So I clicked connect. It said....

    "You have been permanently banned from PeerCommons (Pedo) and gave me an email adress. I'm thinking it banned me because I continued trying to connect while the server was down, but Pedo? I've never been perverse in speaking with ANYONE on frost, even in PM. Granted, I've been banned my fair share of times in main, but never for being a pedophile. I am not anyone but who I claim to be. I know that must seem to be a reason to ignore me, but please hear me out. The name I am using on the forum boards is the same name I have been using in Frostchat. So if you guys have access to see what I've been saying, I invite you to do it. I am quite upset; I've looked at previous post as to how to handle server bans and none of it has helped me, and I know I am innocent. Please help me.
  • I gather you have had an email response to this, and all is sorted. The email address is the best way to contact us about such problems :)
  • Love how i been banned when i make a observation of the rules on the site, i.e you never ban pedo's on the site but you ban someone for using the word Gay (i.e Banned Me)

    Done nothing wrong but give feedback.

    Would appreciate a Ban Lift please and in future listen to Feedback

    User Name BloodNinja
  • Apparently you didn't bother to read the entire thread before posting - found pedos get permanently banned from the server - your assumption is unfounded and asinine. Sexual preference has no relevance in a PG rated chat room, though the phrase "gay" is sometimes used in a derogatory term - which i'm sure the gay community loves [/sarcasm] - It's still unacceptable banter - appeal denied - you can wait out your 12 hour room ban...
  • Fedback is fine ... I shall give YOU some of My feeback too if that is OK. This is an edited log of most of what you said in #main on this occasion:
    Jul 08 01:40:13 <BloodNinja> u use a mac?
    Jul 08 01:40:15 <BloodNinja> go die
    Jul 08 02:20:19 <BloodNinja> why would it kick u out for saying that word [The word was HITLER]
    Jul 08 02:21:29 <BloodNinja> would i get kicked out for saying Elton John Jul 08 02:22:21 <BloodNinja> if you change your nickname to H****R would u ge tbanned?
    Jul 08 02:23:04 <BloodNinja> what if i changed my name to BloodN!gga
    Jul 08 02:23:30 <BloodNinja> ahh well chat bot is a kill joy
    Jul 08 02:28:39 <BloodNinja> bliming yankees can neva take a joke
    Jul 08 02:31:51 <BloodNinja> justin bieber
    Jul 08 02:32:00 <BloodNinja> his parents should of abborted that mug
    Jul 08 02:33:05 <BloodNinja> whats worse than GangR*pe? Justin Bieber
    Jul 08 02:33:56 * BloodNinja seriously can't take badgurlll serious after finding out she quiffed on justin bieber
    Jul 08 02:36:11 <BloodNinja> bieber lovers are homos
    Jul 08 02:37:50 <BloodNinja> justin bieber is the result of [censored] addoption

    [I kicked You]

    Jul 08 02:38:45 <BloodNinja> host let people have their say
    Jul 08 02:39:12 <BloodNinja> what happened to letting ppl speak instead of quelling their views
    Jul 08 02:39:14 <BloodNinja> facist much?
    ul 08 02:39:35 <BloodNinja> love the hypocrocy of this host he lets paedophiles on the chat site

    And as THX1138 said ... pedos are instantly and permanently banned as soon as they are discovered. Your behaviour was totally uncalled for and offensive and a ban is the very least you deserve.
  • I was banned recently because someone asked if i was 12, and i joking said yes, and i was kicked and banned and said i needed to be 13. first of all, you cant just take up someones assumption about someone, and secondly use common sense most 12 year olds wont be on here or know about this anyways, so that being said, i wish to be Unbanned i am 19 years old, and WRONGFULLY banned from frostwire, i demand you reverse, immediately :x
  • Plenty of under 13s try to use the chat … We specify the chat is for those 13 and over and we ban anyone who we have reason to believe is under that age. Perhaps you could appreciate the fact that we are doing the right thing by protecting youngsters from the sorts of people they may come across in a public chat, instead of coming here and making demands. You can use the email address you are given with the ban message if you want to demand there … maybe they will be happier to agree to such demands than I.
  • my nick name was banned, i agree it was inappropriate but if i try to connect it disconnects me and says this nickname is banned choose a new one, but i cant connect to change it, how do i change it offline?
  • Go into Frostwire's Tools > Options > community chat. Enter a new name and then restart Frostwire. You should have no problem then :)
  • I dont know what to do...Frostwire is not letting me chat, i have only been kicked several times, and banned from main only 2-3 times. but, now when i try to connect, it doesnt let me! seriously, i do not know what is going on!

    It keeps saying: "Network Problems are preventing you from connecting to the chat service, press connect to try again"

    WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????????
  • Hi Devater. You should check out the announcements at the top of each forum category page.

  • Everything you say in this message is fair... But what I do not understand is that i am on one day and the next I try to sign back on and it says that I have been permanently banned due to inappropriate behaviour... I do not have any proof that I have been appropriate but I highly doubt that they have proof that I have been inappropriate. i use Frostwire for educational purposes as I am in school for music at the university level. I do not get kicked out anymore, and I get accused of being a "troll" if I ask ASL to someone who is talking to me, because i am trying to find out their age so that I can figure out if it is allowed for me to talk to them. I have been trying to learn about music all around the world. I use frostwire for this. It is not fair that I have been banned for something that I have no idea what I did. this has happened 3 times in the past month, and I do not feel that I deserve it. I have endorsed Frostwire a lot, supporting it to all my friends and suggesting they use it because it is a wonderful program. I would hate to have to uninstall it simply because I have either been framed, or falsely accused. I need to get un-banned and would love to learn how I can...

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