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TODO Lists

edited June 2006 in Team Discussions
The following list is major goals that we want to accomplish.


Website & Move to new host. (in progress)
Secret stuff (in progress, next 1a)
Browser integration for the secret stuff we are working on. (in progress, next 1b)
Add community chat to the app. (in progress, delegation)
FAQ (mostly finished)
Update GUI (next 2)
Forum site Integration. (next 3)
Userguide in HTML and offline. (next?)
Wiki Integration. (next?)
Add anti-virus detector to app. (next?)

While we do this, LW works on the supposed 5.0 release (or 4.12 stable)
This will add > DHT, BT, LangStatus branch, full NIO, Drag-N-Drop support, and lots of other fixes.


  • This next list is the smaller features that we would like to add.

    (Installer) ADD: Choose directory to install (finished)
    (Installer) ADD: Scam warning.

    (App) FIX: More skins link
    (App) FIX: Help link/Offline Userguide in HTML
    (App) FIX: FAQ Link
    (App) FIX: Magnet Support --> This should be fixed once we remove the sanity check. It somehow breaks it.

    (App) UPDATE: About Dialog Box
    (App) UPDATE: Logo/Branding
    (App) UPDATE/FIX: Better Translations

    (App) ADD: Downloadable themes from LW official themes.

    Feel free to add/edit this post to keep this list updated.
  • That's a nice list! Keep it up ;)

    -et voilà (or now "et voil", WTF?)

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