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How do I get rid of the Transfer Detail on Frostwire 6.7.0

Transfer details is a pain when I don;t need it and it gets in the way of clicking on and cancelling more than 1 finished download. Just the back and forth up and down, I need a clear view of all my downloads and not something that comes up and covers most of the view. I have Windows 10. The Options or the Transfer Page should have a way to lock this totally down. It's very annoying and it takes me a lot longer to get anything down when it's up. Every time I pull it down, it leaps back up getting in the way again.

This Problem is much to be desired. Hopefully it's fixed in the next one very soon! If someone wants it, that's fine, but for those who don't, where can we lock it away???????


  • edited August 6

    Try clicking the "Hide" button?

    You can also un-select the transfers and then the detail panel goes away.

    If you don't have the "Hide" button, you need to download the latest version from

  • Well, Frostwire 6.7.1 does have the Hide button. But for some reason it doesn't stay hidden. Whenever you need to do something in that area it pops up again. Hide doesn't seem to mean anything. It shouldn't pop back up and totally get in the way. I try to click on 3 downloads to cancel, as soon as I click on the first one it pops up. I click hide to get rid of it and the download isn't highlighted anymore, which is So Wrong right there. It's hard to maneuver, to be able to click on more than one download, as with this STUPID Transfer Detail covering up what I need to see. When I click Hide it shouldn't come back up again, unless I want it to. Which will be never!!!

  • ok, see what you mean. What you want is to get rid of transfer details altogether.
    Perhaps we can add a setting on our next release.
    As of now, everytime you click on a transfer it will come back again unless you manually slide the transfer panel all the way down, that way it stays almost hidden all the way down.

    So try that for now, slide the transfer details down to hide them, if you click on any other transfers you will see that it will stay that way.

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