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[desktop] New frostwire-desktop-6.7.0-build-264 (Final Release)

Lots of usability fixes, about 5 crash reports fixed, if nothing new comes up this should be the one.

For those looking for an alternative open source Torrent client now that the future of BitTorrent Inc seems a bit uncertain after the Chinese cryptocurrency Tron project bought them out, we'd love for you to try FrostWire and to help us carry the BitTorrent flag into the future, we sincerely feel we have one of the best torrent clients out there, specially on Android our usability and stickiness metrics beat all the other clients in the market.

frostwire (6.7.0) stable; urgency=high
  * New Torrent Transfer Details components
  * New Torrent Transfer General viewer
  * New Torrent Transfer Piece viewer
  * New Torrent Transfer Files progress viewer
  * New Torrent Transfer Tracker viewer
  * New Torrent Transfer Peers viewer
  * TorrentDownloads search fixed
  * LimeTorrents search fixed
  * New jlibtorrent
  * Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish translations updated
  * Crashes and optimizations

-- FrostWire Team <>  Fri, 13 Jul 2018 08:23:28 -0600



    Congrats and thanks to everyone that worked towards this first release of FrostWire 6.7.x series for desktop.

    After 12 hours testing with Mac and Linux users, and our QA team sending us no show-stopper tickets, we’ve sent the Over The Air (OTA) update message a few seconds ago and all users opening FrostWire should be getting the installers via BitTorrent network so they can opt to install the update.

    We strongly recommend you do, this is the best FrostWire for desktop release we’ve ever made, it has a more canonical Torrent Client feel with the new Torrent Transfer details panels, which will be improved in the coming weeks and months. Advanced Torrent users should be pleased, and if not, we’ll greatly appreciate their feedback at this moment in which the leading torrent client on the network has a very uncertain future after their company sold out and rumors of a disbanded core development team are abound.

  • new 6.7 Torrent Transfer details panels need a switch to inable/disable it. Can be frustrating when you have several files downloading.

  • with newer build you should be able to hide torrent transfer details all the way.
    Will try adding a more obvious button to hide it in one click. Thanks for the feedback @soltauc3

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