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Music Refuses to Repeat after download

I'm not sure if this is a FrostWire problem or a problem with my iPod... I use my iPod for music and music only and have found FrostWire as an amazing way to download music that I can't get on iTunes. FrostWire was working well for a long while, I want to say I've had the application downloaded for at least a half a year now, it took some time to figure out exactly how it worked, but I eventually did get some really good use out of it, I quite enjoyed it. Over the last month or so, I noticed FrostWire picking and choosing random songs that I download to refuse to repeat once I transfer the song to my iPod. If I click on the song on my iPod, the song will play all the way through once, but then completely stop a few seconds in the second run and then completely close out of the song as if I had never clicked on it. It's rather annoying as I am the kind of person who listens to one song on repeat a dozen times before choosing the next song. Again, I don't want to completely assume that it's FrostWire's fault, but I don't know really what else it could be. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling FrostWire, but it chooses the same exact songs to not repeat when I redownload them. I figured coming here may be helpful. Thanks.


  • looks more like an iTunes issue, might want to check the playback mode setting on your player.

    We can only answer for the FrostWire music player and that feature works pretty well in our Android client after our last release.

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