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stops working or freezes up

I am running version 6.6.6 on a windows 10 machine. all has been working fine until today. now when I start frostwire it freezes up or stops working. I can get into menus and such but once I type a search and hit enter thats it it freezes up. cannot even exit without using windows task manager. can someone please help me.


  • edited July 13

    please try our newest update, (released almost at midnight on July 12, EST time, an hour ago for me), we did address the TorrentDownloads/Transfers dissapearing issue.

    frostwire (6.7.0) stable; urgency=high
    * New Torrent Transfer Details components
    * New Torrent Transfer General viewer
    * New Torrent Transfer Piece viewer
    * New Torrent Transfer Files progress viewer
    * New Torrent Transfer Tracker viewer
    * New Torrent Transfer Peers viewer
    * TorrentDownloads search fixed
    * LimeTorrents search fixed
    * New jlibtorrent
    * Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish translations updated
    * Crashes and optimizations

    -- FrostWire Team Thu, 12 Jul 2018 23:32:30 -0600

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