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incomplete downloads

Has anyone ever run into this (error: moving incomplete)? I get it periodically on some downloads and if I try to listen to what did download nothing comes up.


  • Hi! Thank you for writing.

    This error message will show quite often in some devices, especially after updating FrostWire.

    If you were saving your downloads within an SD card, 'Error moving incomplete' appears when the app cannot save the file to the SD card any longer or a torrent data is bigger than the space available in the Storage Location folder.

    To solve the problem follow these steps:

    Make sure the SD card is properly mounted (when you remove the card, connect your device via USB or other actions could make your Android unmounts the SD card).
    Go to FrostWire Main Menu > Settings > Storage Location and select the folder path again.
    Ensure you have plenty of space available within the Storage Location folder to save the file if you end up getting 'error moving incomplete' repeatedly.
    Make sure your Android IS NOT connected via USB to other PC or device.
    Ensure your internet connection is not interrupted when downloading files from cloud sources. Downloads form the BitTorrent network will be able to recover without issues.

    If the problem persists after checking these points please send an email to with specific details about the issue indicating the Operating System of your device and FrostWire version.

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