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Torrent files not downloaded

Just moved from 5.7.7 to 6.6.5. In 5, if a torrent was downloaded from say limetorrent, the torrent file was put into the FrostWire\Torrents folder. In 6.6.5, this doesnt happen. The torrent does end up in the \frostwire5\libtorrent folder with a hexadecimal name and the file does download correctly but the properly named torrent file does not appear in the Torrents folder. If I do search from within FrostWire and download something, then the torrent does appear in FrostWire\Torrents. Is this by design for some reason or is it a bug or is there a configuration setting to fix it?


  • The torrent actually should end in two places inside your designated FrostWire/Torrents folder and internally inside the libttorrent folder, which is the .torrent the system uses.
    perhaps what's happening is that you delete the transfer and frostwire has been set to clear the .torrent (Delete .torrent and downloaded data)

  • @Archway when you say "if a torrent was downloaded from say limetorrent", you mean that you downloaded the .torrent file using a browser and then opened it with frostwire right?

    If that's the case, it makes sense that FrostWire doesn't make another (user-facing) copy of the .torrent, since you already have it maybe on your web browser "Downloads" folder.

    We'll think about this, maybe it makes sense to put another copy in there if opening a torrent from outside the app.

    Otherwise, all torrent transfers started from a FrostWire search will make a copy of the .torrent in the FrostWire/Torrents (user-facing) folder, and yes, in the inner libtorrent system folder.

  • I am using utorrent client, torrents just get stuck on connecting to peers status and it takes hours to change its status to downloading......

  • please make sure you have the latest version of FrostWire (not uTorrent), and that you don't have internet protection software, firewalls or antiviruses blocking FrostWire from listening to incoming connections. Also make sure the file you're downloading has enough seeds (aka, people sharing)

  • Thanks gubatron.....really helped me alot

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