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Stop switching to download progress automatically?

How to stop FrostWire from switching to download progress after each download selection?


  • Please check this article carefully to understand better why some files could take so long to download and follow the suggestions to improve the issue specially If you try to get some files that never get progress:

  • edited March 31

    @skinux I believe @alexm didn't understand your question.

    I guess all you want is to keep downloading several search results without having to go back and forth between the search and transfer skins.

    There's a setting for this.

    Go to
    Settings > Notifications and Other

    And then uncheck the option that says:

    "Show Transfers On Download Start"

    You'll then be able to start downloads without switching away from the search result screen.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi @skinux In case you are running FrostWire on desktop please go to FrostWire main menu 'View' and select 'Search/Transfer split screen' then restart FrostWire and you should see Search and downloads within the same screen (old style FrostWire).

    Let us know If that helps.


  • Thanks, guys for the knowledge. Its really helpful thread.

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