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No downloads on a public network.

I was able to downloads torrents on a public network until I updated my windows 10. Now I can't download anything from FrostWire. What do I need to do?


  • It's very hard to tell with the given information.

    1. What kind of public network are you talking about? For example, if you are in a Public Library the Lbirary's firewall might block your downloads and searches, if you want to circumvent rules set by a public network admiistrator you should get a [link to VPN]

    2. Are you getting search results at all? are downloads starting and you get errors?

    It'd be great if you could run FrostWire on Safe Mode and copy and paste whatever error log output you get.

    You can do so by going to the Windows Start Menu > FrostWire > Run in Safe Mode

  • alexm;

    I am at a public library, but as I said, before I downloaded a newer version of Windows 10, I could run Frostwire with no problems. Now I get search results, but when I try to download, the site opens in the downloads for a very short time and then disappears.

  • i am having similar problem.

  • Same here, just started this week!

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