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Fustrated! How come each time I try to update, I get a virus alert and am blocked from isntalling?

Hey! I love Frostwire!!!!!

Problem ... I have used two different anti-virus programs (right now running windows 10 with free version of AVIRA) .. but always have the same problem.

I try to update and I get" ..... \Fusion.dll containing the pattern of PUA/AD.InstallCore.B (cloud) was blocked and moved to quarantine"

It did this on my other computer running a different anit-virus.

What is going on?

Is Frostwire installing something I don't want?

I am a true "end user" and don't know a lot about computers ... thus I am afraid of "screwing thing up" (heard all the horror stories of people getting viruses and such on their computers).

I think the only reason I was able to up a version on my computer is because I installed it before I installed the anti-virus.

Please help!

Thanks so very much ..... Mike


  • Hi and thanks for your report,

    FrostWire is a safe application and you can be sure that if you are downloading from or automatically updating from the inside of the application, there is no Trojan viruses or other stuff that will infect you computer. These files we control. As this is an open source software, there could be unclean installations floating around the internet somewhere, that's true, but if it's coming from us, it's clean.

    However, FrostWire installer comes with some Software offers that are showed before each installation to support the future development of the project. That's how we are able to pay for all the server and developer costs and still provide you with a free quality product with no ads.

    Your antivirus is being over-jealous about some of these ads, we will double check what offers could be considered malicious to remove them.

    What is important to know is you can always skip these offers. If you don't see a button to skip, decline or cancel the offer without exiting FrostWire installer then you can always dismiss the offers by unchecking the option where you 'agree' to install the software, sometimes there is an option 'Advanced' where you can uncheck the agreement of the installation, in that way you will only get FrostWire installed at the end and no third party software.

    You don't have to install any other app to run FrostWire, these offers are optional but some of them could be very tricky to dismiss the offer. Sorry for the trouble, we are constantly checking about any 'malicious' software that could be offered.

    In the meantime, you can tell you antivirus to allow FrostWire installation or turn off your antivirus few minutes while installing the app.

    If that doesn't work then try installing FrostWire via Terminal following these steps:

    1) Go to and get the last version of FrostWire 6.6.2. (If you already downloaded FrostWire 6.6.2 installer Do not try to launch it yet, go to step number 2).
    2) Open the Windows Terminal by typing 'cmd' on the search box at Windows main menu > Search
    3) Type cd Downloads
    4) Type /S

    FrostWire should start the installation immediately, wait till the install gets complete.

    Please let us know if this finally works.

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