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[desktop] Path to Java-9

In 2018, we'll be making the effort to transition our code base to be Java-9 compatible.

This entails a lot of tasks and it will take a while, but we'll get there.

Along the way, we'll have to drop 32-bit support for Windows and Linux as Java-9 is 64-bit only.

We have already created a 64-bit jlibtorrent.dll for windows

You can follow our progress and help us test from source on the jdk9v4 branch on github, still broken as java 9 does break backwards compatibility majorly with Java 8 (as much as Oracle says otherwise)

Among the harder tasks:
- Figuring out the transition to modules
- Figuring out how to embed a new Java9 modularly built JRE
- Maintaining all of our build scripts for Windows, Mac and Linux (very time consuming stuff)
- Stabilizing the app due to unforeseen behavior. Many fixes we had in there since Java 6 have been removed since several Java classes have been removed in Java 9

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