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CPU usage upto between 20%-30%



  • mr gubatron, please fix it :/

  • can you show me a screenshot of the tool that says the app is using that much CPU.
    I've just run a java profiler on it, I was seeding 10 torrents and if I don't switch to the FrostWire window and let it be, CPU doesn't even touch 2% for me

  • Sure i'll get it to you

  • @aq2012
    Awesome, now please do the following:

    1. Close all apps.
    2. Start FrostWire.
    3. Minimize the FrostWire window.
    4. Open the app you use to monitor CPU
    5. Monitor/Wait for 5 minutes, do not open the frostwire window, I want to make sure it has nothing to do with User Interface rendering, which is the only thing that spikes CPU for me and that can be/is being fixed to some extent
    6. Take a screenshot of your entire desktop with the CPU Monitoring app opened

    Would like to see what it reads, as I cannot replicate the high CPU usage on any computer I have.

  • Hi mr gubatron,

    1) The frostwire app does not show the high cpu all the time, so I have to keep checking when it does it. It is random, I cannot replicate the high cpu usage by doing something.
    2) You want the entire desktop, or can I just give the screesnshot of the task manager app with the high cpu usage

  • the entire deskop, let it run, take the screenshot.
    Only have visible the Task monitor and keep FrostWire minimized.

    What I want to see is, if possible a graph of the CPU consumption by frostwire to see if there's a pattern that repeats every often.

  • Hello Mr gubatron,

    So this is what happened. I had frostwire open minimized, and the task manager running. I waited 20 minutes, and there was no cpu usage spike at all, it was well under 1.2%.

    I clicked on frostwire in the taskbar, and guess what? The cpu usage spiked upto 27%, it was staying up.

    I closed frostwire, and tried it again, and it was doing it again.

    What could this problem be mr gubatron? What does this tell you?

    I hope this helps.

  • @gubatron

    Maybe something is wrong with java? I don't know

  • @gubatron

    Please check my latest message

  • I clicked on frostwire in the taskbar, and guess what? The cpu usage spiked upto 27%, it was staying up.

    This happens because when you make the window visible the entire user interface is rendered and refreshed every 1 second, so it takes CPU. If you move the window and do things to it that'll happen

  • Okay :P Well it's fine then for now

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