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FrostWire JLibtorrent Release Candidate 1 changelog

* updated to boost 1.66.0
* lt:raise auto piece size selection limit to 16 MB in create_torrent()
* lt:mark up performance counter operations as noexcept
* lt:fix noexcept marking on entry, and make move assignment
* lt:using make_address instead of deprecated from_string when boost>=1.66
* lt:block_size is a constant, no need in passing it around as a variable
* lt:remove_peer() and attach_peer() error handling
* lt:support forced shutdown/destruction of torrent objects
* lt:improve error handling during session shutdown
* lt:handle serious errors in on_accept_connection handler
* lt:deprecate save_encryption_settings
* lt:handle errors in peer_connection
* lt:support asio handler allocators in deferred_handler
* lt:don't heap-allocate handlers for incoming UDP packets
* lt:make the chunk header parser properly fail at end of buffer, and not
  require zero terminated strings
* lt:add getters for peer_class_filter and peer_class_type_filter
* lt:attempt to fix disconnections when torrents enter upload mode due to
* lt:fix local network address mappings
* lt:deprecate status_code from tracker_error_alert
* lt:make torrent_handler::set_priority() to use peer_classes
* lt:improve type safety of plugin interface
* lt:introduce a proper type for pex flags to improve type-safety
* lt:fix reopening of listen sockets when disabling force-proxy
* lt:fix build against boost-1.66, specifically the boost.asio changes
* lt:fix asio debugging
* lt:fix rate limit utp feature
* lt:fix i2p support

* lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability


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