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Extremely slow startup

i5-3570, GT750TI, 16GB RAM, Win7: When I start FW v6.6.1 it takes EXTREMELY long (1min 35sec) until the program even passes the splash screen. And I don't even have torrents up/downloading. On its way up it tries to include Facefook and Tw*tter, "repopulating" and "painting" all kinds of seemingly useless crap before it finally finishes loading. For comparison, older versions still load as fast as usual (one third of the time used now) on the same machine. Even my full Adobe Photoshop Suite loads faster than FW. Is this crap here to stay? Heck, in this state even BitLord is better than FW ...


  • sounds like your search DB might be the issue.

    Before you start FrostWire next time go to your home folder, there should be a ".frostwire5/dbs" folder.

    Delete that "dbs" folder and then start FrostWire.

    Please let me know if the startup time gets any better.

  • Motzkoffer, thought you'd like to know.

    I've implemented a fix, basically the search database might get too big and opening the database file can take a long time. I looked at the code and this was being done in the user interface thread, therefore it was holding back the rest of the startup process.

    With this patch, which will make it on the next FrostWire release, the search database initialization will happen in the background and the app should start a lot faster.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, and many thanks for reporting this issue.
    In the meantime, try deleting that db folder (as explained in my last response).

    If the problem persists, then we'll try to diagnose what else it might be.

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