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Having major issues

I can see by reading others questions, that mine is not an isolated event. That others are also experiencing the same problems I am. But I don't see where anyone has answered their questions. My problem is that every time I start Frostwire It immediately freezes then I have to wait and if it lets me type into the search then I have to wait again forever to get back to the search page from the Transfer page. And the only way I am able to close it out is also through the task manager, I can't right click and close it that way or by hitting the x in the top right corner of the program, the only way it will close is through Task manager. I've got the latest version, I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail. I've followed the instructions for allowing it through my firewall and even tried turning off firewall just to see, that failed to make a difference as well. I've been using Frostwire for quite some time now and really hate that this is happening. So is there a fix for this or am I going to have to find another p2p program. Someone, please help, I'm desperate.


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